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Grid of Transformation Activation

2021 February Full Moon Portal, Hong Kong

We have been blessed over the last week to co-create with many beloveds in Hong Kong the activation and grounding of new consciousness, a Grid of Transformation to support the transformation and liberation of dense or discordant energies that affects humanity. In coming across an abundance of raw amethyst crystal points upon a hillside in Hong Kong, we came into collaboration of a sacred planetary mission with many enlightened beings from the inner earth kingdoms and the enlightened heavenly realms. We were guided to prepare the amethyst energetically, and in ceremony with our beloved sistars El'mara and Clara we brought through divine encodements and frequencies for these crystals prior to our sacred grid work.

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We reached out to a group of beloved hearts living in Hong Kong for there was the February full moon portal that provided the most auspicious time for this new grid work to take place. 24 locations across Hong Kong representing the points of the Metratonic grid needed to be constructed with the amethyst crystals, and an etheric violet flame pillar was activated in each of these locations. With deep passion and excitement, those few days unfolded with amazing grace for everyone. We are so grateful to all the beloveds, Bernard, Goretti, Jennifer, Methy, Andy, Yana, Myriam, Joanne, Ankie, Surj, Andy, Tai, Martina, Rainbow, Depp, Devi, Sherry, Luba, Rachelle, Teresa, Mabel, El'mara and Clara who took part in the joyful adventure and loving co-creation.

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The 25th location at the center of the Metratronic grid was finally activated in our trinity with El'mara and Clara, and in association with enlightened beings from the Galactic Federation, the Archangels, Lord Metratron, St Germaine, Crystal Skulls Conclave, Christ, Sophia, and Gaia. The entire Grid of Transformation was grounded onto the inner planes of Earth, and higher octaves of the violet flame was transmitted and activated at the heart of Mother Gaia and the Violet Flame Temple in Shamballa for the benefit of all beings, all kingdoms and Mother Earth. The higher octaves enables collective humanity to access the 5th to 6th dimensional energies of the sacred violet ray to support their transformation, liberation and ascension. This will also support new healing technologies, dispensations, blessings and teachings that are of the violet ray lineage to come through various spiritual schools and teachers. There were many divine dispensations that came through in the final consecration ceremony from the Family of Light, a joyous gathering as the Galactic Family celebrated humanity's planetary ascension and return to the starry realms.

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Since that eventful sacred work, we have observed higher vibrational octaves of the sacred violet ray more prominently in the physical surroundings, in other crystals and in vibratory frequencies of our being. On the inner realms, the Violet Sun in the heart of Gaia is pulsing stronger than ever and we have experienced tremendous expansion in the One Heart through the grid activation immediately following. Transformation of old energies and consciousness that creates for one to be held by their limiting beliefs and fears, the unresolved energies and consciousness are now more easily transmuted and alchemised through loving awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. The sacred ray supports the transmutation of all that is not of the original essence, back to it's original divine essence. There is a wonderful liberation of the heart and the mind, to be able to embrace change and new consciousness, and to open to this year's ascension energies and allow one's Soul to grow; gracefully supporting all beings to shift into the fifth dimensional timelines and beyond.

Blessed it be all transformation. Blessed it be humanity's liberation. Blessed it be.

Photo Credits to the Grid of Transformation team.

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