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The journey of a conscious loving observer and lightworker in Hong Kong

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This is a post I wanted to share last night but admittedly I was tired after following all the heart-breaking news, being a pillar of light and staying positive throughout the tumultuous day. After completion of the live footages with most protestors having no choice but to go home then fell an eerie silence over Hong Kong. The silence deafening at times I attuned to the collective emotional body, for many was processing the information, their beliefs, their emotions, and ultimately their values, myself included.

These are not new feelings, I have encountered this scenario and experienced the same feelings before. Did I process my bewilderment, hopelessness, anguish, and pain fully five years ago? At the time, I did the best I could which was to send love and light to Hong Kong, pray for all beings, vibrate at a higher frequency, trying hard not to slip into judgment and duality. This time, I recognise there is a need to honor my feelings for the emotions have sprung up from a place of deep soul memory - wounding from the trauma of violence and war. In acknowledging these fears through humility and forgiveness, I am able to let go, balance the unresolved energies (karma) and come back to peace. I am still sending love and light to Hong Kong, praying for all beings, being very conscious of the need to stay centered in my heart and detach from mass consciousness. At the same time, a bunch of loving souls that I call lightworkers have been stepping up sharing their love and messages of peace and positivity. Together we have been co-creating on various occasions through meditations, chanting and prayers for the transmutation of fear-based emotional and mental energies from mass consciousness and calling for love, peace and unity to preside over the city and region.

There is collective karma playing out in the city, the first time was thirty years ago in Beijing Tiananmen, the second time five years ago with Occupy Central and now we are at the beginning of the third attempt for the energies are very much the same. A similar story also plays out in other parts of the world, though for it to occur in what was considered a safe harbor the shock of this occurring at our doorsteps is requiring all of us to meet the elephant in the room. I recognise the higher significance for why this is occurring, that this is an opportunity for Hong Kong citizens to step up, and in the suffering, they endure also ignites their spiritual awakening. Chinese people have been complacent to share their views in the past, the citizens of Hong Kong with all the liberties they have enjoyed in the past and as representatives of all Chinese people across the Asia region are learning to step into the truth of who they are. But more importantly, this is an opportunity for all, from the authorities, protestors, and citizens, to learn to speak from their heart and to listen from their heart. For only when one speaks and listens with their heart, can there be acceptance in the heart by the other party and a willingness to move forward together.

This time around, as a conscious observer I once again noticed the many different reactions from society that was present five years ago. Those with the strongest views have sought to return to protest a second time, angry and now defiant, there is an urgency to fight and to wage war at all costs for some. Due to the shocking nature of the violent incidents yesterday, many who did not have strong political views before expressed their concerns by coming out to condemn the violence and even pleading with the authorities for restraint. Some people process grief on their own, receding to their safe-hold all the while being frustrated and feeling hopeless about the future. Some are very much in their heads, analysing and most often thereafter criticizing about the inconvenience that the incident has caused. And meanwhile, some just try to get on with their daily lives staying silent and doing their best to ignore all the commotion because they do not know how to deal with their emotions or how best to express their position. These are only a few of the more apparent sentiments while acknowledging there are many more reactions from different segments of society still yet to unfold.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are affected by the collective emotional field and mass consciousness. We are affected by the news and social media, we are affected by the views and experiences of our friends and family indiscriminately. We do have a choice though from this point forward, in effecting change within we create change in our outer reality and attain mastery over our circumstances while raising our consciousness. At the basis of it all, we are One. Within the Law of Oneness, is recognising the divinity in all beings, we are all equally divine and everyone has the right to their own beliefs, emotions, and expressions. If we are able to accept the Law of Oneness in our lives, it becomes far easier to accept all that is occurring and come to peace with it.

We affect one another because there is the unified field of oneness which is why everyone not even kids are immune to the collective emotions that are playing out, and that why it is important we meet our emotions fully. We all appreciate the therapeutic effect in talking about what happened and sharing our feelings, for the pent up emotions are no longer affecting you physically and not impressing upon your Soul. To completely heal our emotions and the linkages to past trauma can only be done through compassion, acceptance and forgiveness of others, and most importantly we have to undergo that inner journey ourselves. Being conscious of what energy you put out and of course what energy you accept, requires mindfulness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Even sharing your feelings in a therapeutic session not to mention on social media, recycles the emotions back into the collective emotional field. When emotions become highly pressurised, frustration turns to anger, anger turns into rage, and rage turns into violence, energy moving from one form to another but always in motion. Energies put out always reverberates back which is the Law of Cause and Effect at play, it creates a vicious cycle of getting caught up in emotions that may or may not be yours when violent incidents as big as the one we have recently experienced occurred.

I am hopeful in this third and final karmic game, that more lightworkers in Hong Kong and more people that awaken to the rumbles of their Soul will find the love and the light within and raise their consciousness sufficiently to shift mass consciousness. When we unite in love and light, when we put aside our ego, focus on the commonalities rather than the differences, we become pillars of light and the collective light of the community create a web of positive energies over and under Hong Kong that ultimately supports all beings in the city and even illuminating others in the region. Through this incident and the collective reflection that will ensure, Hong Kong is birthing a new model for humanity where compassion, acceptance, and peace are built on pillars of faith, trust and higher consciousness – tenants of what I coin as Conscious Leadership. To that extent, I and many others hold the highest vision that the people of Hong Kong, our communities, our authorities, and our institutions will find their own way back to their hearts, listen to the whispers of their Soul, and experience the peace and love from a place of divinity, Oneness and co-create harmoniously a better future for our beloved city. I urge you to join me in holding that vision, Namaste.

Blessed be to all souls, blessed be to Hong Kong, blessed be the Asia region, blessed be to Earth.

With all my love,

Yvonne Yjemani Li

13th June 2019

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There are two meditations upcoming that will serve those who are affected emotionally as well as bringing more light to HK:

  • 14th June, 8-9pm: Healing HK & Building City of Light Meditation
  • 1st July, 2-330pm: One Heart HK Meditation
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