Meditation 14th June: Healing HK & Building City of Light

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Meditation: Healing HK & Building City of Light

14th June 2019, via Zoom Meeting

Yvonne Yjemani Li and Elmara Katherine Lucas are co-creating a free online meditation on the 14th June from 800 - 900pm. This is the second and last gathering to support the healing of lightworkers and our city, to unite all our light as the spiritual community of Hong Kong, which thereafter supports the wider city with a grid of love and light. This is a clarion call by the higher realms for all spiritual centers, lightworkers, and spiritual aspirants to unite our light to raise the consciousness of Hong Kong.

Katherine and Yvonne will be channeling from their Presence, and from the enlightened beings. The enlightened beings will share the higher perspective all that is taking place, you will receive frequencies and transmissions via light language and sacred sounds.

Refer to the Zoom meeting details below, you may join via your computer or your phone.
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The audio recording will be shared for those who request.

Contact Yvonne at for more information.

With all our love,
Yvonne & Katherine