Lean Forward into the Fear

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Most people will hesitate or pause to take a step back when facing their fears. The idea of hurting oneself, of facing one demon's, fear of failure or even the notion of the fear itself is enough to put people off. Inaction prolongs progress, if one was skiing eventually you have to find a way to get down hill. How you choose your state of mind and your emotions, will determine whether you ski down the hill smoothly or painstakingly roll down the hill. Prolonged proscrastination hardwires your brain and creates the perception that sets you up for a failed experience. You attract what you believe and think, while the experience is fueled by the strength of your negative emotions.

Everyone experiences fear at some point in time, but those who tend to achieve and excel have a better knack for overcoming their fear. That is, every opportunity even a failed experience is an opportunity to grow and learn. In addition, they do not allow the fear to consume them and they lean forward into the fear.

"Leaning forward into the fear may go against your natural instincts, it will require surrendering into the moment, having faith that all is well and taking that first step."

When turning while skiing downhill, the typical logic of the novice skiier is to learn backwards and push hard on the ski in order to gain control when in fact the opposite occurs and will cause the skiier to lose balance and fall over. When you lean forward into your skiis, lean downwards towards the bottom of the hill and lean sideways into the turn, you gain more control over your skis and your downhill turns.

As with everything in life, the only barrier to moving forward is you. Overcoming the limiting beliefs you place on yourself allows you to be free from your form and your mind while your Spirit is also liberated to work in partnership with you. It is time to lean forward into the fear, go with the divine flow and enjoy being in the moment. It is during these precious moments when you lean forward and overcome the self-imposed limitation that magic occurs.