Power of Your Soul

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During this year’s second supermoon combined with a lunar eclipse falling on the 31st January / 1st February, a rare blue moon lunar eclipse which has not been seen for 150 years. The supermoon is a golden opportunity to allow us to go deeper in clearing aspects such as self-doubt, old wounds, and any other form of disempowerment. This full moon is in Leo and all the lessons of power – power over others, giving away one’s power and all the fear that surrounds power are the key lessons to overcome.

Power over others and all sentient beings, being forceful or abusive, being aggressive or manipulative creates karma for the person who wields power. One can release this personal and collective karma in the Now and reconcile its energy through seeking forgiveness of others and more importantly by forgiveness oneself.Giving away one’s power is the other side to power over others. Power is given away when you do not claim your sovereignty, relying and blaming others for the outcomes, not setting or following your boundaries, or just sitting on the side bench despite knowing it is wrong to not take action. The fear of owning one’s power may also be related to past situations when one has wielded power over others. When you give away power, you are standing in opposition of your Soul's growth. These are powerful lessons to overcome for those who wield power and those who give their power away, which can be amplified with the energies of the supermoon.

The lunar eclipse supports deep healing and transformation, it affects our emotional body and in turn enhance our connection to our Soul. When you connect to your heart and have pure intent, healing of your emotional body and transformation of your Soul occurs through releasing darkness and claiming more light. This powerful full moon nurtures divine feminine energies, compassion and acceptance of the self, others and of the situation. Combined with the lunar eclipse, energies of the supermoon helps to transmute the past and of any fears related to power. Major shifts occur when you reconcile the past and release the fear, it is time to let go of what holds you back and stand in the power of your Soul.