Liberation of the Heart

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Our sense of Freedom results in a set of behaviors and emotions that is largely influenced by the perception of our personality /ego. Everyone's perception and expectation of freedom is different, and deserves to be HONORED as such for this is highest for them at this point in time.

The better expression for Freedom is Liberty. LIBERTY is a state of beingness that is a reflection of our inner truth, connection to our heart and communion with our Soul.

We may physically be free but if there are many tightly held concerns, self limitations and beliefs, our heart partially closes and our ability to connect with others becomes limited. Imagine how a very wealthy person that can go anywhere easily but yet feel stuck in the expectations of others, challenged to be themselves, or worries about a great many things at work, or in their personal life.

We may physically be restricted, yet be able to find the joy and freedom not just from the mind but from the heart. Stories of those who were held in jail and other challenging situations, have shown great strength in the moment and liberation from the current atrocity ends up inspiring others due to their love, passion and rising above the challenge.

Striving for greater freedom at the expense of love and respect for self and others, comes from lower consciousness, the fight and flight mentality and results in karma.

UNCONDITIONAL love is the KEY to opening our heart, the pathway to experiencing true LIBERATION within. When our heart is liberated, we CONNECT with our Soul and ACCESS our superconciousness. We are able to experience a loving connection and without duality, be at ONE with all persons, every sentient beings and all that is.