Vodcast 20th Nov: Liberty, Truth and Divine Expression

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Vodcast: Liberty, Truth and Divine Expression

Wed 20th November 2019, 400PM - 430PM HKT online

I am delighted to be speak with Anaiya Sophia for her next Vodcast Episode which will take place on Wednesday 20th November, a conversation about Liberty, Truth and Divine Expression. Yvonne is an ambassador of Hong Kong, and holding the pillar of oneness for the city. She is actively engaging in co-creations that support the current conflict in Hong Kong.

I will reveal the dynamics that is playing out in Hong Kong and China, how it is affecting its citizens, and how, the terms that people insist upon is the template for the New Earth. During this conversation, we will stretch our vantage point to include the consciousness that is currently being brought to the Earth via the Hong Kong people. Join us for another encouraging Message for Humanity ... one of Hope and far-reaching recognition.

Check Out the FREE series here at https://vodcast.anaiyasophia.com/ — with Yvonne Li and Anaiya Sophia.

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Banner photo source: Kay Kulkarni