Life Lessons Repeated

Once transformed are your greatest source of strength

· Blog,Self-Mastery

Do you see a pattern of behaviour or circumstances repeating in your life? The experience may be different but the circumstances are fundamentally the same each time.

Life lessons are repeated until we have empowered ourselves and integrated these fragmented energies. Fragmented energies include any negative emotions we may feel or any negative thinking we may harbour towards ourselves or someone.

Our human life is so designed such that experiences may present itself for us to learn and grow. For what is the point of living if we cease to grow?

During the healing process, acceptance of ourselves and others allows the energy to transform. Aligning that transmuted energy with that of your souls vibration will enhance your overall energy.

Observe where your greatest pains and sufferings are, once transformed are also your greatest source of strength.

Often the fear or negative energy that is holding you back, is also an indicator of your greatest talents and innate gifts.