My Beloved Soul

A tribute to all ... we are One in Spirit

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In you, I have become stronger

In you, I have become more

Through you, I have learned so many lessons

Of how to live, of how to love

Thank you for choosing me

As your vessel

To experience all that you have dreamed

To dream all that is possible

Experiences have been inspiring

Circumstances have been humbling

You have been my beacon

Illuminating the way back to balance

Integration then follows liberation

Liberation of all the veils and illusions

Illusions that I am small and single

In reality, divinity is our one destination

Be who you be, I follow

Infinite levels of being, I still explore

Wherein now, I am being

In utmost gratitude to my Soul companion

Through you, I now remember

With you, I no longer look beyond

In this moment, I experience

Heaven on earth, so below as above

With my most heartfelt wishes

I bless you, my beloved

Onward journey home to the stars,

As One eternal, we remain in Spirit