Meditation Circle 5th June: One Heart HK

Uniting all hearts into the one heart

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Meditation Circle: One Heart HK

5th June 2019, 700 - 800PM @Light Mastery Healing Center

RM 12, 6/F Tung Kin Blg, Block GH, 200-202 Tsat Chi Mui Rod, Quarry Bay

Inviting all souls to join the monthly meditation circle on the 5th of June 2019. The One Heart Hong Kong meditation seeks to unite all hearts into the One Heart through a group meditation facilitated by Yvonne Yjemani Li. As we join our hearts and raise our vibrations, we heal the separation within as well as the separation that affects the wider community through love, peace, and compassion.

This event will take place on a monthly basis, and each month's meditation held at different locations will have a unique theme of focus, where we will stream different enlightened frequencies to support our beloved city and its residents. This month's theme will focus on separation between Hong Kong and China over the recent years and in the past. When we open our hearts to one another from the point of compassion, acceptance of our past and differences allows all to move forward.

We welcome donations, we recommend a minimum of HK$100 to support ongoing organisations. Participants of all levels, beginners to advance initiates are welcome to co-create this beautiful gathering of loving souls and healing of our community through the unified heart. Blessings to the beautiful souls who will come together in service, these blessings and dharma will amplify and benefit your community and lineage.

Participants may also join live via zoom, as well as listen to the recording after. The meditation will be held in Cantonese and English. Please contact for more information.

"When you come across a path that brings benefit and happiness to all, follow this course as the moon returns to the star"~ Guatama Buddha​

"Benevolence is one of the distinguishing characters of man" ~Mencius​


"Thank you for holding and sharing this beautiful heart meditation. It came at the perfect time in my journey of reconciling my masculine and feminine polarities. My tender much neglected feminine is slowly learning to trust my masculine to hold her, as my masculine is learning to be present and gentle, truly listen and marvel at her magical unfolding. My heart feels wide open to you and this healing circle. the world and i need it. Looking forward to our paths crossing in this journey." ~ IP

"I listened to your meditation last night before going to sleep. I saw Hong Kong in a cocoon of golden light, very bright and many hearts were ignited. Love expanded their hearts, with Lord Buddha's protection and blessings all over the island. It was a very inspired, soft and loving meditation. This meditation expanded their blessings to the world." ~ Shamakaya


* In Person attandance in Hong Kong, live webinar at the same time and recording are all possible options. Please contact Yvonne at

* Registration also via eventbrite link