New Earth Energies: Emerald Heart of Gaia & Humanity with Archangel Raphael and Gaia

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 Message from Archangel Raphael and Gaia

New Earth Energies 

The Emerald Heart of Gaia & Humanity

There are many possibilities. These are the extensions ofcertain decisions, realities that have been accepted by humanity about your collective future. There has been a general acceptance by the majority of souls, that the pandemic is real and that the only way to resolve this is for the vaccines to occur en masse. This has been propagated by your authorities, by those with agendas to maipulate or control, to subvert the awakening and the arising of humanity on purpose. We would say that these subversion attempts has been successful, and yet we share that the awakening will continue regardless even people receives their vaccines. For the higher frequencies that has been experienced by humanity, by Mother Earth and now all kingdoms of the Earth creates for a precipice of enlightened consciousness that has not seen before.    

These souls that are vaccinated will awaken regardless.There is a bit more work, a bit more clearance for these ones due to their vaccinations but we do not perceive these to be a major obstacle for their awakening. For the higher vibrations and frequencies that emanates from the heart of the earth, from Gaia is the Emerald Flame. In fact, it is the Emerald Golden flame. It supports humanity to not only open their hearts, to awaken to their multi-dimensional consciousness. It also activates their Christ heart through their Angelic heart opening. This we share has completed recently through the last Love Transformation consecration ceremony which coincides with the transformation, activations of the upgraded violet flame, the powerful Wesak full moon portal, the 5-5-5 gateway, and the full moon lunar eclipse of May 2021.    

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The continuous flow of enlightened consciousness from the higher realms, from the Suns, continues to support the transformational changes of the heart through the heart of Gaia, through her emerald heart. And these are being emitted and transmitted through not only the portals but through the trees, through the mountains, and the waterways of the earth for there is heightened activity on  the inner realms of the earth, with the plant kingdom of the earth, and the elemental kingdoms of the earth. And the next kingdom to experience this upgrade on a deeper level are the animal kingdoms and then the human kingdom.    

These higher vibrations of love and oneness, that humanity will experience in association to the plant and animal kingdom will ignite the codexes of the Emerald Heart held within the DNA of humanity and for these ones that are exhibiting love, compassion and connection to the plant and animal kingdom will be the ones to awaken to their angelic nature. They will start to experience, to come into contact with their multi-dimensionality, to have inner plane experiences and through this connection whatever has been a byproduct of these vaccines will be lifted for this awakeing is divinely programmed within humanity’s consciousness and within each person’s DNA. There is nothing that can prevent this awakening so long as certain conditions are met for in their connection with Mother Nature, with the Earth, with the plant kingdom and with the animal kingdom will raise and fulfil the criterias for activating their emerald heart. Under no circumstances can this be diverted from the divine plan, the evolution of humanity.    

So we say this as a message to all, to trust and to have faith that the New Earth is being experienced by more and more individuals. More and more Souls are connecting to the New Earth consciousness, and to experience, to hold the vision and faith that any attempts suppress the awakening of humanity cannot take its full effect for these codexes are God’s codexes, gifts as a fail-safe mechanism. A gift that will activate within humanity if you are concerned, perhaps you may consider to invite your friends, your families, and your clients to connect deeply to the earth, to create a heart connection to the animal and plant kingdoms and through these interactions these codexes of liberation, of the Angelic Heart will awaken within them. There are many lightworkers that may offer assistance to deactivate the programs and implants that are being administered through the vaccinations, and or through other forms of GMO products and produce that these all can be deactivated, or its effects reduced when these beloveds ... humanity experiences and ignites their angelic heart, awakened through their connection with Gaia, or through the interaction to these two kingdoms.    

We invite you to connect deeply through the heart, the Emerald Heart of Gaia. We refer to these energies and to receive directly through these emerald heart flames to deepen and open further your heart connection to Gaia’s heart. This is a message from Archangel Raphael in collaboration with Gaia. We love you, and from the emerald heart we emblazon our love to you. Blessed it be.  

Message from Archangel Raphael & Gaia

Channeled by Yjemani Kaala Raphael

2nd June 2021