Lunar Eclipse Creation Meditation on 26May21

Transformational lunar eclipse energies to support greater creative flow

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One Heart Meditation

 Lunar Eclipse Creation

26th May 2021 | Hong Kong 630pm, Sydney 830pm, UK 1130am

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Beloved Hearts, 

We invite you to join us in the One Heart during the May Lunar Eclipse as we journey into the Universal realms of Creation. The full moon of May 2021 is a powerful supermoon lunar eclipse portal that brings an influx of transformational energies that supports humanity's spiritual expansion and ascension. This is the second wave of lunar transformational energies since the Wesak full moon of April 2021 that empowers creation for the New Earth, and our journey together in the One Heart will assist you to release the limitations that hold you back from greater creative flow and may further empower you as a dynamic co-creator. 

We will be joined in the One Heart by the trinity Lords - Metraton, Melchizedek, and Mahatma, as well as joined by the Lunar Mothers and the Mothers of Creation. Participants will receive the Rainbow crystalline frequencies of Creation, you will also experience other blessings in the form of dispensations and activations that are tailored for the beloveds coming together in sacred circle. 

We encourage you to join the global meditation via livestream, or else receive via the recording after. There is a sacred supermoon eclipse portal of 7 days where you will receive the full benefits during this window.  May this transformational full moon eclipse facilitate a deep opening, and an expansion of your creative gifts suporting you in conscious co-creation in the New Earth. 

Eternal Love from the One Heart, 


In collaboration with the Family of Light


Event Summary

Date: Wednesday, 26th May 2021

Time: Hong Kong 630pm, Sydney 830pm, UK 1130am (1.5 hours), peak of lunar eclipse is at 7:19pm Hong Kong

Energy Exchange: by heart donation

Registration: essential via eventbrite link , the livestream link will be sent by eventbrite immediately after

Recording: please indicate you would like to receive the recording or else email 

Facilitator Bio

Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a spiritual guide, healer, catalyst, and creationist in the modern-day world. As Yvonne withdrew from form into the formless, Yjemani has emerged as the celebration of the formless that is her Divine Presence and the Co-Creator with Source that is present in all expressions. A multi-dimensional combination of love, light, power and creation that opens doors for other beloveds so that they may access greater love, consciousness, divinity, creativity and harmonic flow, Yjemani co-creates with the Family of Light and the enlightened realms in all aspects of her spiritual path and service. For the last 4 years, Yjemani has been working closely with the enlightened realms, sharing knowledge and co-creating with the higher realms via writings, teachings, meditations, workshops, and private sessions as well as providing universal energy healing and sacred sounds.