Sacred Sounds: Sounds of the Universe Equinox on 23 September 2021

Love Balance & Light Empowerment through the Equinox Sacred Sounds with Yjemani & Anaan

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Love Balance & Light Empowerment through the Equinox Sacred Sounds 

23 September 2021 | Sydney 8PM, Hong Kong 7PM, Paris 1PM, New York 7AM

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The Sounds of the Universe sessions are high frequency sacred sounds transmissions emanating from the Galactic, Celestial and Universal Realms of Light and Love facilitated by Yjemani Kaala Raphael and Anaan Ysmael Kumara. The sacred sounds allow participants to receive directly and with ease, by your sacred heart and energy body the divine frequencies, codes, and geometries that seed and illuminate your meridian, nervous, lymphatic and endocrine systems, as well as illuminate your chakras and mind for divine recalibration and expansion to take place. 


Yjemani and Anaan have been co-creating with their sacred sounds since 2019 in a series of Sounds of the Universe in-person and online events. We are welcoming you to the Sounds of the Universe during the Super Equinox on 23rd September 2021 (autumn equinox for the North hemisphere and spring equinox for the South hemisphere) to support your Soul, Spirit and energetic being to open to more enlightened love and light frequencies. In this webinar, each participant will be receiving divine support to experience greater balance of your Soul, your divine consciousness and heart chakra expansions to take place.

From the one heart of Yjemani & Anaan in collaboration with the enlightened masters, this equinox sacred sounds session lovingly offers: 

  • Celestial Codes of Love and Light supporting all parts of your consciousness to come into balance and unity, and receptivity to the next level of opening;
  • Emerald Temples of Light Source Codes to reconnect with your source of divinity, remembering you are God consciousness, and a Divine Creator expression of God;
  • Expansion of the Heart chakra and Thymus chakra, releasing all the veils that create for the  heart to separate from God and the Family of Light, supports the expansion of your Galactic, Celestial and Universal heart;  
  • Rainbow crystalline matrix upgrade with Universal Rainbow frequencies to support the physical body and energy body to be able to assimilate higher light vibrations;
  • Harmonisation and calibration of the chakra system, crystal core and pillar to assimilate at many dimensional levels to prepare for greater light expansion and your divine expression;  
  • Christ Solar Codes of Transformation to support the inner shifts that are taking place with greater grace and empowerment

With so much love, we invite you to join us for the upcoming sacred sounds journey on this powerful Equinox.

Infinite Sounds of Love,

Yjemani & Anaan

Event Details 

Date: Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Time: Sydney 9pm, Hong Kong 7pm, France 1pm, New York 7am (1 hour), check for your time zone

Exchange: offered by your heart donation, starting at EUR10 is appreciated

Registration: essential via the eventbrite link especially for the live online event or copy into your browser

Connection: livestream webinar via zoom, connection detail will be sent to you immediately following registration by eventbrite

Recording: you can register for the recording via the eventbrite registration, or else email 

Language: English and French explanation at the beginning

Please also note:

  • You are welcome to sit up or lie down to receive the sacred sounds. 
  • Please join the zoom meeting 5 minutes before the start to settle in
  • We will be closing in silence after the sacred sounds to hold the sacred space for all participants

Facilitator Bios 

Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a modern day catalyst, guide, alchemist and creationist from Hong Kong. As Yvonne withdrew from form into the formless, Yjemani has emerged as the celebration of the formless that is her Divine Presence and the Co-Creator with Source that is present in all forms. A multi-dimensional combination of love, light, power and creation that opens doors for other Souls so that they may access greater love, consciousness, divinity, creativity and harmonic flow, Yjemani co-creates with the Family of Light and the enlightened realms in all aspects of her spiritual path and service. Yjemani has been working closely with the enlightened realms, sharing knowledge and co-creating with the higher realms on self-mastery, consciousness, and oneness via writings, teachings, meditations and workshops, as well as providing multi-dimensional energy healing and sacred sounds. She has also collaborated and performed with Grammy-award winning musicians and Anaan on sacred sound journeys, and also consciously channels her unique essence of divine love and harmonious flow into her creations. Refer to for more information.

Anaan Ysmael Kumara is a French spiritual guide, international teacher, and the Divine University’s ambassador for Europe and Asia. For the past 14 years, he is living in direct contact with the Enlightened Masters bringing teachings, workshops, retreats, training and sacred sounds healing sessions to numerous groups and individuals all around the world. He is recognized as the “Keeper of Celestial Heart Gateways of Sound". In service to humanity, his mission is to guide all souls coming onto their sacred path to re-open, liberate and expand their infinite heart, and consciousness on this path of illumination. In service to Gaia, he is seeding divine enlightened frequencies to open and activate sacred sites and portals while also facilitating worldwide pilgrimages. Refer to for more information

Testimonials from previous Sounds of the Universe

"Thank you very much for such amazing session" ~ MT, Hong Kong

"Divine love to you both. Thanks so much for last night, so divine to be bathed in frequencies. Lush " ~ KE, Hong Kong

"Gratitude c'est divin" ~ Z, France

'Thank you so much for these beautiful frequencies with both of you Yvonne and Anaan, perfect harmony. It was difficult to come back, I was in a "dream" ~ IM, France

"It’s like you were helping us to clean all the obstacles and barriers between us and the universe, both conscious and physical. We were gently guided and protected by your tender voices and sounds of the crystal balls. Nothing from this earth life does exist and matter anymore. No desires, no greed, no expectation. All emotions once belonging to human beings disappeared. Only the universe left. The infinite, timeless, encompassing universe. And our being. Pure and innocent state of being. No past, no future. No clinging to any objects. We are one." ~ KX, Hong Kong

"Such a wonderful, beautiful experience!!! Thank you so much for the invite and for curating the evening. Felt very blessed to attend." ~ RH, Australia

"Today I saw my osteopath and he said my energy is really strong and that what called his attention was my crown chakra really open and connecting with the universe. I told him about your sacred sounds session and the effect it had on me. It matches his findings! " ~ CR, Hong Kong

"Thank you, Yjemani. I found it very beautiful and grounding. I was surprised by the grounding feeling as other sound healing I need to bring myself back to my body. Your voice was angelic and it was a privilege to be there and I feel so grateful to have your beautiful soul nearby." ~ AR, Hong Kong

"It was very relaxing and could feel the energy currents running through my body. I could hear Anaan’s overtones also." ~ GS, Hong Kong