Science and Spirituality

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Both science and faith of the last few centuries has limited our self perception and severed our link to the omnipresent of All that is. Despite a life time of conditioning, every person at some point or another will experience moments of divinity that cannot be erased by the assault of modernity or be interpreted by religion alone.

Utlimately science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. Science seeks to explain the order of spirituality while spirituality demystifies what science struggles with, the greater inexplicable force that upholds everything between life to death so effortlessly.

Just like we might refer to the composition of light from a scientific angle, we also refer to light as a state of being or consciousness. Both science and spirituality as complimentary approaches to understanding ourselves and the universe, can unite our fragmented state and ignite our Infinite nature. To live life to the fullest is to observe and appreciate its beauty, the inexplicable order of the divine and its relationship within us and around us.

"We tend to behave better when we think well of ourselves;

Science in the last few centuries, science has reduced our self esteem;

Every man and woman sense the mystics call, the ground of our being;

Something that is greater than our finite self.

When this ultimate component of our being, breathes through our intellect, it is genius;

When it breathes through our will, it is virtue;

When it flows through our heart, it is love.

It is real, it is not nostalgic;

If we have lost the power to sense it;

That is a brutality, that somehow modernity has inflicted upon us;

In Christian terminology, he who seeks it, seeks his or her light, while in ego, loses it;

Those who can step out of their own ego to seeks his or her light, finds the light."