Our World as Energy

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The intersection of science and consciousness has already been proven time again by quantum physicists since the early nineteenth century. While the world is still challenged with the knowledge that our physical "Newtonian" material world is only one aspect of our reality, many quantum scientists have concluded the energy world encompasses everything in the universe.

There is growing interest in quantum mechanics, consciousness, bio-field energy, bio-resonance, complimentary medicine, mindfulness, spirituality and other fields of studies are interpreting the same results - that everything in the universe, including humans is made of energy, frequency and vibration.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

~ Nikola Tesla.​

The convergence of science and consciousness comes at a time when major study and findings reveal and confirm:

  • galactic energies affecting earth's fields, and all living organisms are being affected at the same time
  • plants have intelligence and can pick up information and react even though the input stimulus is from a different location, 
  • animals communicating through vast energy fields,
  • crystals carrying specific energy signature and properties that amplify consciouness and or certain effects on biological systems,
  • sounds and numbers sharing specific codes and frequency, 
  • geometric shapes induce vibrations, and they are visible in the physical and non-physical world, 
  • humans have super-natural abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, multi-dimensionality that can be trained 
  • humans experiencing near death experiences, all who come back from the other side claim to experience a vast energy field with feelings of oneness and divinity,
  • thoughts, words, emotions and actions can affect not only human's physical and energetic body, it can also affect the environment, water and other living organisms,
  • and there are many other examples.

It is an exciting time for humanity to explore the world as energy as the new frontier of science and consciousness. The biggest progress will be made by those who go about exploring and creating in a non-linear fashion, and appreciating the inter-connectedness of one type of energy to another, and finally energy to matter.