Song for the Whales

Sounding to the oceans and the whales

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Songs for the Whales

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We came by the ocean at Chung Hom Kok to meditate, and sang to all the whales and the ocean as there are more 450 pilot whales stranded on the shores of Tasmania. You can see the relevant news here.

Refer to the recording if you want to sound together and amplify the intensions.

We are so sorry that some humans have created disorienting frequencies for the whales.

We honor the souls that are departing and we pray and ask for them to be guided home with love and grace.

We call on the ocean mother and other divine assistance to recalibrate the frequencies and light grids, and support the remaining whales to be free, safe and healthy.

We give thanks to all the whales for all their service work in creating the light grids and maintaining the energetic balance of the Earth for all beings.

Blessed be the whales.

Actual photo of the pilot whales from NPR.