The Alchemy of Spring

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The energy of spring can be likened to alchemy. Earth is transforming naturally whether we are conscious or not of its innate evolution, it is especially apparent during springtime as new buds and flowers bloom, butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, and animals awaken from their winter slumber. The transmutation of one energy state to another while in a state of BE-ingness, true alchemy births Spirit (a Soul) into the new life within the blueprint of all that is.

Alchemy began in Hellenistic Egypt as a philosophy that initiated one into the divine science that seemingly transform the physical world through the understanding of both the metaphysical energy and physical world. The mythical figure Hermes also referred to as the Egyptian God Thoth, as the originator of alchemy knowledge created the "forty-two books of Hermes" and the "Emerald tablets of Thoth". These texts covered many fields of alchemy knowledge including philosophy, astronomy, healing of the mind-body-spirit as well as practices to support the knowledge. These masters urged the journey within to integrate aspects of the Soul and enlightenment of the mind from illusions and limiting beliefs, this was the path of transcendence as part of one's quest for immortality and spiritual rebirth.

What began as universal wisdom was soon shrouded in the mystery of occults that grew into prominence during the European medieval period. Alchemy thereafter became the process of chemical manipulation such as changing base metals to gold, inventing gun powder while trying to find the chemical potion that would become the everlasting elixir. The development of chemistry from alchemy practices gave way to modern science, and sciene was only concerned with the transmutation of matter and thus technological development for the transformation of our physical world. The study and practice of alchemy without spiritual awareness grew rapidly throughout the ages, as greed for gold, the need to conquest and obtain power over others created a host of issues from inciting violence and wars over individual's or sovereign claim to fortune, to chemicals being tested on animals and humans. The proliferation of technology and science absolved the innate knowledge that our natural biological defence, the ability to heal through plants and universal energy is abundantly available. We also severed our connection to the inner and outer universe, viewing our mind as our only world and intelligence. We also lost our connection to the stars that long provided guidance to our ancestors on the energy partterns that would shape and influence our bodies, society and earth.

Coming back to this present day, the philospher's stone or the elixir of immortality doesn't come in the form of a pill or some occult books. It requires going within, connecting to the truth of your Soul and awakening to oneness of you as mind-soul-universe. The alchemy of life occurs without our mind's participation, it is part of the grand design of life on earth just as the cosmic activities are unfolding throughout the universe.

"Alchemy is the natural manifestation of the divine plan in all of its glorious forms."

The incoming solar waves from the central sun opens a portal on the 11th week of the year, the incoming energy enhances our Soul connection and supports our self-mastery. The new moon on the 17th of March powers the healing of the wounded aspect of our Soul, it is a great time to release all feelings and memories of shame, guilt and anger. The spring equinox falling on the 20th aligns your being to the galactic zero point where there is no duality, and healing at all levels of being can take place effortlessly in the now. Allow yourself to ride on the wave of energy influx, new inspiration and creations that are Soul based will manifest naturally as part of its alchemy.