Crystals and Crystalline Structures

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Crystals are not only just inanimate carbon based objects, they hold consciousness and energy. Since they hold certain energy frequencies, they can be used in a variety of ways to amplify, re-direct or absorb the desired energy effect. A few commonly usages of crystals may find its usage range from modifying the energy of a space, to enhancing the energy of person, to amplifying group energy in a cermony as further described below.

Crystals are used in fengshui to amplify or reduce the effects of certain types of energy. Crystals can help to clear the energetic space of your environment or else enhance a certain type of energy you wish to have in your living environment. You can access a previous post "Fengshui as the art of moving energy" to learn more about the relationship between fengshui and energy.

Different crystals contain different properties, its properties may enhance a certain type of mental or emotional state. It may encourage a certain type of spiritual connection or balance your physical body. The energy properties or energy makeup of the crystal when worn or placed in close proximity to you will enhance your energetic field with that effect. Many healers may use crystals in their healing practices, while bio-field practitioners may enhance the desired effect by combining frequency with the properties of the stone. Many wearers of crystals may be utilising the crystals to enhance their psychic abilities or their spiritual connection. Your faith, willingness and acceptance will determine how quickly you assimilate with the energy of the crystal. In essence, crystals are very powerful companions to have as they can support your wellbeing and your desired manifestations.

Crystals are often used in ceremonies and/or in spiritual settings. They help to anchor energies into the vacinity or amplify the desired effect for the benefit of the gathering. Setting up crystal grids in the vacinity results in light fields being anchored enabling all participants to tap into universal energy. In order to hold more light and have greater awareness of their consciousness field, many aspirants not only wear crystals but also bring their favourite crystals along to add to the grid. During the ceremonies, their crystals get programmed and activated by the newer and higher frequencies.

Since crystals are programmable, it also means that they a memory bank. Since water makes up 70% of our planet and 70% of our body, planet earth, our physical bodies and even down our DNA are crystalline in nature. Crystalline structures not only store information, it can also convey information. The blueprint for life is held in our body's crystalline structures and combined with its inherent consciousness, the wisdom and beauty of creation produces endless forms of magical creation of life.