The Buddhic Mind and Consciousness

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The buddhic mind, brings essential Source energy into form. Not only is it creating enlightenment of the mind, but also the release of time and space. Of releasing the rational gifts of progression, releasing past, present, and future. How to be enlightened, is bringing the wholeness of bliss to every moment, every thought, and every co-creation as a master being. Hold this enlightened state, of the principle of One. Hold the enlightened state of the golden rule, which is that oneness is All that is and All that is oneness. If you hold that principle, and remove yourself from the gravity of consciousness of the race mind you will hold the buddhic mind. Hold no belief sacred except that which is given to you from Source. Hold no time special except the moment of your beingness, hold your beingness as the calculation of the divinity of all. This will allow you to be the Buddha.

"The mastery of consciousness now is to bring that Divine Presence, buddhic mind, the essence of illumination into every thought, and every action. As you multiply your experiences back into oneness, it becomes a circle undulating out and undulating in, that one circle becomes two successively until all the circles become one again." ~ Lord Buddha

In becoming buddha and embodying the buddhic consciousness, the more consciousness that you bring in, the more you remember this point of oneness, that you re-remember that you are in the only moment of creation in the Now. You become a co-creator with the molecules of your physical body, and so what is required is the diligent and the discernment, and intention to be in the single-minded God of your own creation. What you are doing is mentoring your God nature and giving it in service, be in only that thought. Only that aspect of beingness in the moment and practice being in that level of sincere point of oneness and your body will begin to respond in it, and extending it to no space and no time. And so it is an important to say that the buddhic mind is in the singleness point of consciousness, from that we release all that is not conscious.