The Energy of Numbers

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While every picture can indeed tell a story, what is lesser known is that a number or a set of numbers can also reveal personal and macro stories in a manner no less than a picture.

Numbers are a major foundation block of our lives. Counting is one of the first thing that a young child is taught, and the use of numbers via maths computation is also fundamental to our understanding and development of science and technology. Through computer programming, a set of numbers and instructions can enhance the source input by amplifying the energy and frequency vibrations used in engineering process, production of resources and even to services such as healthcare. Money or anything of value that passes between one to another can also be regarded as an exchange of energy.

"At the most rudimentary level, numbers represent information and energy that are utilised in both physical and meta-physical studies."

The study of numbers and their meta-physical representations are used in all branches of Numerology, Astrology, i-Ching, Ziwei Doushu, Bazhi and Fengshui just to name a few. The first set of numbers for anyone begins with the digits of their birthday. The time and location of a person's birth can reveal about their life journey per Natal Astrology, Ziwei Doushu and Bazi. The charts under each of these systems may highlight your typical characteristics, your life challenges and your strengths in areas of your health, family, relationships and career.

Numbers commonly represented in our lives can also have an effect. The numbers of your identity card and your cell phone numbers are information that can be analysed. Given these latter two sets of numbers are so commonly used, the energy of these numbers can also profoundly affect your daily life. When numbers are calculated for the purpose of changing a personal condition, it goes beyond just information for it can change the energetic environment of the person.

Looking into your past or pointing out what lies ahead has become a psudo-science to such practitioners and a useful tool for its users. Some people live not only by yealy and monthly astrology but also daily astrology. Renowned businessmen and politicians might calculate, down to the hour nd minutes, when certain events might take place. There are families both in the West and in East who calculate the exact time when their baby might come into the world to ensure their offspring get off to a good start energetically.

Appreciating numbers and the meanings behind them provide an additional source of information for understanding your personal situation, the community and even the planetary changes that take place. As with any study and use of such information, be discerning and don't get lost in the doctrine but contemplate how you might utilise the information to enhance your situation and those around you.