Light and Darkness as the Rhythm of Life

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Light is active, when it is turned on darkness is dissolved

Darkness is passive, it does not leak out

Light is all encompassing, it is excess energy being released

Darkness envelops all, it is the original energy level of stillness

Light as good and dark as bad, is judgement from a place of duality

Although we live in a world of duality, our purpose is to return to oneness

Just like inhaling and exhaling, they are the necessary actions of the breath

Light and darkness are equally from the same source, as the rhythm of life

When feeling overwhelmed by dark energies, one can just turn on the light

It is as simple as deciding to change attitude or just smile

Darkness is not a true limitation

For light includes all kinds of colors including darkness

By embracing the light of who you are

The light magnifies and illuminates all within and around you

Let there be light