The Gift of Our Emotions

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The Gift of our Emotions

Emotions is a magnetic form of energy. All emotions fall on the spectrum of Love or Fear. We can either amplify love or fear, and thus magnetise the positive or negative situation to support us in the moment. We can be conscious of how we are feeling, honor those feelings and let it pass. Unconscious emotions which manifest as sudden triggers comes from the subconscious. With mindful awareness, by honoring those feelings, and the beliefs behind those emotions requires love and forgiveness before they are balanced for full closure.

Emotions are a gift because we can use the magnetising energy to enhance our life. Our loving emotions enhances and amplifies the positive vibe of the surrounding environment and add to the unified field, our feelings also activates those around us energetically. When we are positive and loving, our overall health and energy levels are strengthened. Any emotions that are triggered is an opportunity for us to resolve disharmonious consciousness and bring them back to love. This relieves stuck energy in our body, for the emotional body is part of the astral body and encompasses our etheric and physical bodies. Clearing our emotions and bringing genuine closure can alleviate a host of illnesses particuarly long term chronic issues.

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Emotions is represented by the element water. 70%-80% of our physical body is made up of water. All parts of our body from our respiratory system, skeletal system, nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, meridian system, endorine system, muscular system, digestive system and much more have some component of water. So does our DNA, cells, tissues, muscles and bones. It is through the water in our bodies in addition to the plasma within and around us that supports our crystalline bodies and our ability to have experience more love and hold light. Having a body that has a balanced flow of water throughout all functioning bodily systems supports the absorption of prana or chi, and the anchoring of greater light or higher frequencies.

Having a balanced emotional body allows us to be in touch with our feminine energies, this is the case for both women and men alike. This in turn nurtures our sexuality, our sensuality, our sensitivity, and our creativity. It also nurtures our ability to give and love, but it all begins by being attuned to our emotions, giving and loving ourselves. Balanced feminine energies in women or men is someone who is empowered in their yin energy and, empowered in their divine feminine of being able to flow and master their feelings, balanced in their giving and balanced in their loving.

The year of 2020 as the beginning of the great balance, propels the collective to balance the parts of our feminine that is disempowered. Connecting and empowering your feminine through your emotions is a formidable ascension pathway to embody more love, which becomes a container that allows more light which then widens your pillar enabling greater power. Emotions can help us to understand and develop a healthy inner self connection, it is the gift of the emotional mastery that can accelerate our spiritual evolution.