The Illusion of Time

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What is time but a series of memories in a linear manner. If there are no memories, there would be no concept of time as we know it. Time is closely linked to our consciousness, and as our consciousness change so can we change time and our memories related to time.

Scientists researching quantum mechanics over the last decades have concluded that time is merely an interpretation of our consciousness. Due to the super-positioning of quantum particles, when we observe a discrete time event is interpreted. A series of observations thus create our memories and our perception of time.

Time is not linear but moves in a circular manner, just like fractal patterns allowing collapsing of time and dimensions.

We have the power to go back to past events and change our perceptions towards them. When our feelings towards past events change, so will our future outcome that follows along this timeline as the outcome of the effect of the original cause . When people speak about having vision of a better future outcome event, it is like placing markers (intentions) to drive the current timeline towards the preferred outcome.

We live in a multi-dimensional universe, we are by nature multi-dimensional. By going within and elevating our consciousness, we can create our reality timeline by choosing where in the past, now and future we place our attention.