Wesak Festival

A union of divine love and wisdom

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Falling on the Taurus full moon, Deep reverence to Wesak festival that will takes place at the spiritual planes of Shamballa. While Wesak is celebrated as Buddha's birthday, for other non-religious spiritual aspirants it is also a day of global ascension, a unity of divine love and wisdom.

Buddha is the embodiment of illumination and divine purpose, as the expression of divine wisdom. Together with Christ, the expression of divine love, the two important streams of energy are blended on Wesak festival and pulsed around the world.

Wesak unites the world's major religions, the East and the West in a shared holy day.​

Wesak is the most important annual spiritual event on earth, it has a powerful effect on humanity. During this time, we have much greater influx of spiritual energies to support us in communicating with our higher selves and greater abilities in communicating with Divine and the divine beings.