Trust Where You Are Going

· Blog,Self-Mastery

When you are on your spiritual path, there may often be a desire to know how you are doing and whether you are on the right path. This desire comes from your mental curiousity, from a place of non-acceptance and self-judgement.

Spirituality is a constant evolution of your consciousness, it is not about the destination but about being aware of how your consciousness unfolds in a non-attached manner. The process of learning about who you are at the highest and deepest levels in the Now, the journey of remembering yourself as an Infinite being.

Every person's journey is unique, it was designed for the purpose of your Soul's growth. So commend yourself for where you are now, for your committment to nurturing yourself and for your recognition to the truth of who you are. Trust that you are never wrong and surrender to whichever way that you are guided to.

You are a powerful Soul.