Stepping Forward

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Stepping forward requires stepping into the unknown and opening to the outside world. Not only do you need courage, it also requires admitting the truth of the situation to yourself and having the tenacity to stay in your truth.

The only thing that prevents you from truly stepping forward is your self judgement, all other reasons are just excuses.

What are the fears that prevent you from stepping forward?

Different kinds of scenario might play out. Stepping forward on a personal issue requires letting go of your weaknesses and committing to self-mastery. Stepping forward on a relationship issue requires letting go of any inferiority, drawing boundaries and honoring your truth in the relationship. Stepping forward on a social injustice requires letting go of societal's imposed systems and beliefs, and take a supportive or leadership role in balancing the situation on behalf of the greater good.

"Stepping forward is about letting go, letting be and trusting that all will go well.​"

Some issues may require very little effort, while others may take years before you step forward. All is well. The journey of self-mastery is to overcome all fears that hold you back, to the point where you are fearless and feel wonderful about stepping forward in your truth.