Uluru-Kata Tjuta-Atilla Trinity Portals

Home of the Rainbow Serpent

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Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Atilla in Australia Northern Territory is a set of three ancient monolithic rocks that connect to one another as sacred sites that serve the planet. I was guided to travel to Uluru, known as the solar plexus / heart chakra of the planet and also the Divine Mother Portal of Creation in August 2019 for portal work that would assist Hong Kong and the recent conflict that it was experiencing.

Top: Kata Tjuta, Middle: Uluru, Bottom: Atilla

Many will have heard of Uluru as being the spiritual home to Australia and particularly to the indigenous Aboriginals as the place of Dream Time and home to the spirit of Rainbow Serpent. Kata Tjuta situated not far from Uluru, is the lesser well known of the two rocks that sits within the Ayers Rock National Park. Atilla, even lesser known still is not at all visited by tourists or by Aboriginals tribes due to the rock sitting on private property and old myths of a giant ice man haunting the place.

According to Aboriginal legends, the beginning of the world known as Alcheringa is where Dreamtime or Creation Time (Tjukurapa to the Aboriginals) occurred and mytholodgical beings in the form of totemic aimals and giants that emerged from the Earth and began to roam the land. At the end of Dreamtime, these ancestral beings created the planet's landscape and became the mountains, stones, lakes, caves and other geographic forms that we see to today. Uluru and Kata Tjuta became sacred sites of power, while the paths that the ancestors took became creation lines (also known as dream lines, song lines, or ley lines) that connected the sites of power. The Aboriginals have continued to follow the dream line tracks of their ancestors as their walkabout, thus giving their way of life for the last 40 thousand years as nomads and guardians of the land.

Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta (aka the Olgas or many heads) lies to the North West of Uluru, and includes 36 domes that looks like heads of ancestral giants protruding quietly from the land. There is very little information shared about Kata Tjuta from the Aboriginal tribes that over-sight as spiritual guardians of the sared rocks. Namely the tribal women and others who had not attained inner plane knowledge and mastery were not allowed to know of the tribal men's sacred business and so little is shared publicly about these rocks even to the Park's managers.

For the purpose of our portal work, we were guided to visit Kata Tjuta ahead of visiting Uluru. Kata Tjuta serves many purposes from being one of the homes to the Rainbow Serpent, to providing initiations for the young Aboriginals before their walk-about and ceremonial preparations by the tribal women at these rocks. At the Walpa Gorge (below photo), between the 2nd and 3rd chakra of Kata Tjuta is where one prepares and purifies one's energy with the elementals and have our inner Earth connection cleared ahead of visiting the sacred Uluru and meeting the Rainbow Serpent. We sat in meditation at the Gorge, and received the necessary frequencies that would open up our inner earth connection.

Aerial view of Kata Tjuta with Uluru in the background
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Uluru is known as the solar plexus / heart chakra of the planet according to Robert Coon, is a major energy vortex of equal importance to other sacred sites such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Mt Shasta, Mt Kailash, Lake Tititaca, Glastonbury, just to name a few. Just as there are chakra points on our energy bodies, there are also chakra points on the energy body of Gaia. Uluru is the third dimensional solar plexus chakra point of the Earth, and as the Earth completed its ascension to the fifth dimension in 2019 Uluru has become the fifth dimensional heart chakra point for Gaia.

Ley Lines of the Earth, from Robert Coon

Aside from being the chakra points of the Earth, Uluru needs to be more appreciated as the Divine Mother Portal of creation for the planet for it is where all new expressions are dreamt of and conceived. In alignment with the beliefs of the Aboriginals, Uluru is the place of Dreamtime where all creations begin and it is also the home to the Rainbow Serpent (the divine feminine creation energy or kundalini energy of the Earth). For a major energy vortex, and one related to creation, this is where one can dream with these abundant creation energies to create your reality that is in alignment with the greater divine plan.

Dreaming to the Aboriginals is not only dreaming as we go to sleep, for them it is a very real dimension on the inner planes. Dreaming takes place in the void of no time, this is the non physical or spiritual realm where the vast majority of our consciousness and Spirit reside. It is through dreams and being in the void that as Spirit we access all infinite possibilites of expression. A dreaming state suitable for creation can be likened to being in the zone, clearing the mind and emotions, day-dreaming, being in meditation, astral traveling, dreaming while sleeping ... in other words, when you are Present in the Now.

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Historical Context of Uluru

The beautiful artwork (below) by Aboriginal artist Priscilla Herbert is the story of Kuniya Python's battle with the Liru snake and is one of the most important Aboriginal stories shared at Uluru today. Apparently Kuniya carried her eggs to Uluru, laid them down at Kuniya Piti and found her nephew being chased by the Liru the poisonous snake (men from Kuta Tjuta) for breaking some laws. Eventually Kuniya intervened, killed Liru, and merged with her nephew to become the rainbow serpent. Even as a tourist, one is likely to be disappointed by such a story of man-made violence as the basis of dreamtime, Earth Mother and all of creation.

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The Anangu people is the name referred to several tribes that inhabited the Uluru and the region. It was the Pitjantjatjara tribes (a subset of Anangu people) that invaded the area, killing many of the Jankuntjatajara tribe in the early 1916-17 and wrestling away from them the 2 rocks (Kata Tjuta and Uluru). While the former guardians Jankuntjatajara tribe regarded the red rocks as sacred and revered the rainbow serpent as the creation mother, the later inhabitants originally regarded Uluru as a rubbish tip and inferior in terms of food source thanks to sharing by Robert Coon and original interviews by anthropologist N.B. Tindel. The warring tribe took over Uluru for 20 years and abandoned it after possibly due to the lack of quality food in the area. Of course the Anangu people's outlook of Uluru may have all changed with the alliance of several tribes, especially since international interest took off in the mid 1950s with Uluru becoming a major heritage site and tourist attraction.

With this historical context, one can imagine that there are still many untold stories from Uluru. These future stories are likely to be more profound and more enlightening, in alignment with the true significance of the Rainbow Serpent, the creation divine mother.

Mutijulu Cave & Waterhole, Uluru

The weaving of delicious rainbow energies throughout my energy systems and purification of water in our cellular structure occurred at the Mutijulu cave and the nearby waterhole, home to the Rainbow Serpent. It is a beautiful spot to witness the balance of the elementals, and flow with the possibilities of expression within the oneness of All that is which includes traveling not only to the celestial realms but to the Inner Earth realms.

Mutijulu Cave
Rock formations part of Mala Walk, photo copyright to Yvonne Yjemani Li
Aboriginal drawings near the Waterhole, photo copyright by Yvonne Yjemani Li


Mt Conner (Aboriginal name is Atilla) is an even lesser known site than Kata Tjuta, and is overlooked by most people since the rock sits on private land for raising cattle. Unlike Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Atilla was not able to go back to the guardianship of Aboriginals in the 1950s because the land had been leased to farmers since the early 1900s. The three rocks Kata Tjuta - Uluru and Atilla actually belong together as a trinity and form a straight line going from the north-east to the south-west, Atilla is apparently 250 million years older than Uluru and Kata Tjuta, and is made of quartzite compressed together over millions of years. On the inner planes, Atilla is a major library of Earth's creation history. In the future I see that Atilla will return to its rightful guardians though falling into private hands has served the divine purpose of keeping the knowledge safe up until consciousness is higher and it is then suitable for humanity's and Earth's true history to be revealed, as well as its connection to Uluru and Kata Tjuta celebrated.

South view of Atilla, photo copyright by Yvonne Yjemani Li
North view of Atilla, photo copyright by Yvonne Yjemani Li

Mala Putra, Cave of Life, Uluru

The Mala Putra walk contains Uluru's most sacred site, the Cave of Life is where the primordial energy of creation or the Rainbow Serpent either leaves towards Kata Tjuta or enters from Atilla. It is said that all lifeforms are conceived and birthed here. Looking very much like a cathedral, the vortex energy in the Cave of Life was strong. We were blessed in the mother's womb to complete our mission for Uluru with the meeting and energy connection of the three sacred rocks, ensuring the three were connected energetically and physically created the union of past-present-future timelines and the inner earth-earth-sun connection was further anchored paving the way for the greater emergence of the Rainbow Serpent energy to promulgate across our planet.

At this cave of life, it also enabled us to carry the creation energy to Hong Kong in support of co-creating in love, harmony and community birthing a new paradigmn of the New Earth through Hong Kong's consciousness co-creation portal. As we write in January 2020, we have been blessed with launching the Be Love HK movement in Hogn Kong to assist all to come back into the One Heart and co-create for the wider community despite our different views. And that is the power of creative flow that is aligned with divine will, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. We give thanks!

Cave of Life, Mala Puta Uluru
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Solar Umbilical Cord Connection, Uluru-Kata Tjuta-Atilla

The Inner Earth - Earth - Sun connection, otherwise known as the solar umbilicord cord, will be further activated on 12 January 2020 with auspicious alignments of the planets Saturn-Pluto-Mars-Jupiter as well as the moon in conjunction with Capricorn. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is an especially powerful alignment invoking issues around liberty and power, and in the full moon lunar eclipse portal create an especially potent arragement around the balancing of our feminine polarities. There will be a sacred ceremony created by the Anangu tribe at Uluru to complete a great ceremony that was disrupted and stopped during Creation Times to fulfil the original Aboriginal prophesy.

The first essential link between the Earth and the Inner Earth was created in 1984 at Glastonbury, the Rainbow Serpent was activated and remains the kundalini current of creation lines or song lines within her own body. The second link is the solar umbilical cord, otherwise known as the Ngaltawaddi to the Aboriginals will be restablished in 2020, to connect the Earth via Uluru to the the celestial heavens via the Sun and to Source. The ceremony will increase the flow of life and consciousness both ways, Inner Earth to Earth, and the Earth to the Sun and vice versa benefiting all beings and in support of Earth's rebalancing with all of its life-forms. This will also support and further activate the energetic linkages between Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Atilla, allowing the past-present-future to come into the Now.

Natal chart courtesy of Astrolabe.com
Photo courtesy of the talented photographer