Workshop 29th June: The Joyful Soul

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Workshop: The Joyful Soul

Sat 29th June 2019, 10am - 130pm

@BodyZen, 116 First Street, Sai Ying Pun

Yvonne Yjemani Li is delighted to facilitate The Joyful Soul as a 3.5hour workshop on the 29th of June. Lord Sanada and Archangel Michael are the enlightened beings will over-light The Joyful Soul workshop and bring through the necessary teachings and attunements for participants to deepen a connection to their Soul.

Your Soul as an important part of your Spirit is DIVINE and INFINITE. It was created in the likeness of the Creator for the purpose of joyfully experiencing life on Earth as well as to EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY as a conscious divine being. When there is a lack of or nil connection to your Soul, you may feel stressed, frustrated or depressed. When you are in communion with your Soul, life can be experienced with love and joy in abundance as well as greater flow and success in all that you do.

A Soul that is joyful is a heightened state of BEING-NESS that you can achieve by being in regular communication with your Soul. This may take the form of listening within, asking advice or receiving inspiration through your intuition and other senses. By being present and mindful, through meditation, and or dowsing, there are many other techniques that also support your Soul connection.

A Soul that is joyful EMPOWERS you to shine and share your beautiful gifts with the world. When you are empowered, you are able to stand as a SOVEREIGN divine being that RESPECTS your own boundaries and appreciate all the learning that comes along with successful SELF-MASTERY. With greater self-mastery, one EVOLVES quickly on the spiritual path inviting divine ASSISTANCE from the higher realms, opening one’s dormant GIFTS and aligning to your SOUL PURPOSE.

Specifically, this 3.5hour workshop will assist participants to:

* Understand the key concepts related to the Soul and how it can benefit your life when there is a consistent Soul connection;

* Understand the relationship between your Soul to other aspects of your being;

* Understand what are the determinants for a joyful Soul that are specific for you;

* Establish a concrete connection and deepen connection to your Soul with an emphasis on healing your inner child;

* Receive energy attunement to integrate all aspects of your Soul and expand your Soul’s Light so you can shine with Joy!

The workshop will take the form of teachings, exercises, meditations, and energy attunements facilitated and channeled by Yvonne in connection with her Presence and Enlightened Beings. For more information about Yvonne and her offerings, refer to or else visit FB page @cosmicdancetoinfinity.

The workshop is held in Hong Kong for in-person attendance, otherwise the audio recordings are also available for purchase. Energy exchange for the workshop is HKD900 or USD115. If you invite a friend both of you will receive 10% discount. To register or if you have any questions, either contact BodyZen at 66981392 or else email Yvonne at

I look forward to connecting to your Soul and facilitating reconnection to that sacred part of you.

With all my heart,


Other Details:

* To join in person in Hong Kong, registraion also available through eventbrite link

* Audio recording shall be made available for those who join for the long distance option, please also register through eventbrite link


"I had the pleasure of attending one of Yvonne’s Self Mastery courses recently and unlike many self-improvement courses or wellbeing lectures, the insights gained from the meditations we were taken through have stuck with me and have caused me to make a number positive changes in my life. The core activity we did was to connect with our “Soul-Self” to check in and see whether our goals for the year ahead were really what would make us happy and were what we truly wanted. Connecting with this part of me, which prior to the session I didn’t even know existed, has allowed me to realize the course I was on and the behaviors that got me there were not only destructive but also not what I really wanted to do. After being guided by my Soul Self to chose a different path, I feel like there’s a weight lifted from my shoulders and a sense of lightness and positivity in my being which had been lacking for some time. Yvonne’s knowledge and understanding of how to access parts of ourselves that most are oblivious to are truly remarkable and I’m inspired by her wisdom and insightful knowledge of how to connect deeply within ourselves and others." ~ RH, Hong Kong