Meditation 26th June: Journey to Lemuria

Embracing the divine grace of the sacred feminine

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Meditation: Journey to Lemuria

26th June 2019, 730pm-900pm @Inner Space

During the meditation, we will journey as a pod to the temples of Lemuria and connect to the Divine Feminine energies. The Lemurian temples holds sacred Ki’s for heart expansion, illumination of the mind, divine grace, and harmonious balance. As you open your heart more deeply and nurture your relationship with the Goddess energies of creation and nurturance, you will be able to embrace greater love, peace, and oneness in your life.

In the 1.5 hour of guided meditation to Lemuria, you will receive the divine grace of:

  • The Divine Mother nurturance to support your spiritual growth; 
  • Reconnection to the Divine Feminine vibrational energies; 
  • Sacred Ki’s to expand your consciousness and light body; 
  • Activation of your sacred soul gifts through light language;
  • Sacred sounds transmission to release lower density and assist with light integration; 
  • Divine messages from enlightened beings and divine emissiaries;
  • Heightened awareness of your multi-dimensionality; 
  • Nurturance of greater love, peace and oneness in your being; 
  • Heart sharing within a sacred circle. 

This meditation is open to both men and women, and we encourage spiritual aspirants of all levels to join. We are calling all those who hear the inner call, to attune to the vibrations of Lemuria and spread the frequencies of love and oneness to assist with awakening others and bringing heaven to Earth.

The meditation will take the form of a guided inner journey and energy attunements facilitated and channeled by Yvonne Yjemani Li in connection with her Presence and the enlightened beings. For more information about Yvonne and her offerings, refer to or else visit her FB page @cosmicdancetoinfinity.

Abundance exchange HK$333. The workshop will be held at Inner Space on Wednesday 26th June from 730pm to 900pm, it will be held in mostly Cantonese with some English. To register, contact Inner Space at 3689 9379 or else email Yvonne at

With all my heart,