A Shared Vision of Earth & Humanity

Enlightened visions of our shared future

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We have been inspired to co-create a shared future with all the beautiful souls who joined in meditation for the 'One Heart Meditation: A New Vision of Earth & Humanity', and our soul brothers and sisters who are hosting their own groups. While being supported by Elohim and the enlightened guides, our collective intentions created for powerful dreams and manifestations of an Earthly experience that is in the highest for all beings and the planet.

All recordings can be accessed be accessed via the following dropbox folder. All the descriptions and inspirations from the 7 themes created from our co-creative visions are shared below.

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We may have fears, limitations and habits that hold us back from experiencing vibrant health, these fears can be released through love. See everyone as happy and engaging in a healthy lifestyle even while they are at home. Our health is dependent on our wellbeing, the balance we create with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies support our health. Our connection with Nature and the balance we hold with all life on the planet is vital for our health.

See humanity going outside, and connecting to nature and engaging in favourite activities. Hold a joyful and vibrant vision of everyone out at the park at a picnic, jogging, cycling and other activities. See people return to the beach for swimming, other water activities, kids and adults equally running around and playing in the sand. See the young and old walking in the forests, engaging in gardening or some other outdoor sporting activity.

See everyone creating and deepening their connection with nature.

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See the planet Earth abundant with flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, animals, and insects. See humanity cooperating, and sharing their gifts and resources with one another. See the basic needs of organic food, clean water and free energy provided to everyone either free or at low cost. See humanity no longer in debt, we receive income or love energy exchange while engaging in joyful vocations. No one has to experience scarcity for they are all heart and soul-based, see prosperity and wealth for everyone. There is no scarcity on the planet for the Earth is a planet of abundance.

Day's 2 vision of abundance & prosperity revealed that the balance we keep with the Earth is vital for the planet to fully share nature's abundance. Through expressing gratitude, we can easily bring our being back to a higher state of oneness and abundance. It is through our heart that we may know at a deeper level what abundance means for our soul. In joining hearts, we held the vision that the planet and everyone experienced great abundance. And because the security of safe food, water and energy was easily available, people were empowered to engage in work or service that brought them joy. Love and joy brought about greater prosperity for themselves and all beings.

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In this meditation, it was interesting how the first part referred to becoming more receptive to learn and sharing our gifts with the world. See everyone receptive to learn new ideas, skills, methods and knowledge even if they do not fully comprehend or agree with the info. See everyone opening up to greater consciousness, merging the higher mind with the truth of their heart. See humanity receive inspirations from their higher consciousness, all the solutions to our world's imbalances are within us. See humanity, no matter what age sharing their gifts, using their creativity and offering compassionate solutions to create balance for Earth and all of humanity.

Day 3 saw greater receptivity to learn and to share ourselves. When we are open to learning at all ages, no only does it keep us young our neurons fire up, we access greater consciousness especially if we open our hearts. Sharing our gifts are equally important, and we saw everyone stepping up to share their gifts, come up with creative solutions for the world's pressing issues. Education is a life long practice and skill that can support us in so many ways, while creativity is what keeps us happy, engaged in the world with so many benefits to the community when they are founded on principles of love.

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For day 4 see humanity release all fears from the collective psychic and astral realms. See everyone let go of their inhibitions, conditionings and fears. See people step into their sovereignty with an open heart, faith, compassion and courage. See the Law of Liberty spread across the planet affecting all life, with the 3D structures of control and power dismantled. This includes systems of financial control, political control, military power, media control, business management control, education control, healthcare and agriculture control, animal control and other structures of control liberated from fear based power and needs. See the Law of love, oneness, grace, reflection, karma and grace spread throughout the planet, so that humanity awaken to respect all life, the experience of liberty balanced with responsibility. See 5D organisational and societal systems built on values of love, compassion, respect, responsibility, and community in the New Earth.

On day 4, we saw humanity as having all the keys within to open the doorways to tap the available abundance of divine love, light, and power. We saw the fears imposed on the collective psychic and astral realms released, and by conquering our fears people are empowered to step into their full sovereignty and their creative nature. We saw humanity taking back their power, from systems of control that has in the past disempowered humanity. We saw humanity coming into their heart and connecting into the higher mind, cooperating with others and co-creating with the Family of Light to responsibly effect great transformations on Earth.

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In day 5's meditation, we learned that all of life will evolve naturally per the eternal mind of God All that is. See all obstacles, interferences, negative programs, and agendas averting Earth's and humanity's natural evolution lifted. As the Earth receives enlightened frequencies from the Sun and beyond, see humanity receiving new codes and frequencies that activate their DNA, open their consciousness, empower one to access their infinite potentiality, and awaken them to their divinity. As their consciousness, their light and love grow, see all beings become aware of the unified nature of all existence. See humanity cooperate with one other, sharing gifts and resources with their community, working together on creative solutions to resolve Earth's issues and leaving no one behind, as well as co-create with their higher consciousness and Family of Light. See humanity come into their rightful place as HU-mans, and evolve to join their starry families in the Galactic Federation.

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See grids of consciousness, grids of truth, and grids of protection coming around all technology owners, creators and developers, content creators, technology promoters and users. See all dark technology influences and programs in the psychic and astral realms of the collective consciousness being dissolved and transformed into light. See humanity awakening to the deep callings of their heart, to the collective heart of humanity and to the heart of Gaia. As people awaken to the love, balance and oneness in the unified field, in All that is .. see people consciously creating and developing technologies that supports all sentient life. See technologies being created by youths, light workers and other awakening souls as conscious solutions to resolve the planet's environmental issues, create access to education and other wisdom sharing made available to all beings, and other technological solutions that empowers the disenfranchised.

See the conscious use of technology by institutions, organisations and individuals. The selling of products and services by organisations, the creation of content and entertainment by companies and marketers, the sharing of lives on social media, let us see these developments in the light of divine truth, compassion, love, and community. Let's see humanity use technology not as a tool to weaponise, to control, to instil fear and create separation. See humanity use technology safely and compassionately, to connect consciousness and deepen bonds between communities, to empower and liberate every being, and assist humanity to re-create balance with the planet and Mother Nature.

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The planet has been able to regenerate and rehabilitate itself since human activity was reduced during the global physical distancing. Planet Earth is the place for expressing diversity in the physicality, and also for co-creation and inter-dependence to be realised amongst all life that are incarnated here. See humanity reconnect to Nature after their prolonged isolation, also realising that there must be balance between nature and humanity's evolution. See as people's consciousness rise, they see their connections to all sentient life and revere Mother Gaia who enables all life forms to be birthed.

See humanity take up the role of being the Earth Guardians and Wisdom Keepers of the Earth. See humanity come up with solutions that resolve's Earth's environmental issues and assist to recreate the balance between mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and animal kingdom. See the Inner Earth and Middle Earth realms more consciously connected to the experiences of humanity. See the gossmer web of life re-created, where all sentient life has its rightful place, supporting the cricle of life and spiral of evolution. See the birthing of New Lemuria, the golden white colors of New Lemuria / New Earth sustaining all life. See how every being lives harmoniously with one another, and the planet Earth become the shining jewel in the galaxy and universe again.