The Earth Command Commission

Uniting lightworkers in service

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The Earth Command Commission

Uniting light workers in service

We are calling and pulsing your heart, pulsing the Souls who have incarnated at this time to be of service to the One, to the Prime Creator, and to Mother Gaia in serving the divine plan of humanity and the planetary ascension of planet Earth. We are establishing the stronger foundational foothold and pillars of light, bridges of consciousness in every continent and are calling light workers who feel the heart pulse for their pillar to anchor and open in a deeper way, to step forth and to hold the pillar in their continent up until other souls and their own consciousness have stabilised. It is at this time with all the changes that are taking place, we are needing more beloveds who are centered in their core to come together to build frequency, to build a field of cohesion.

We will be getting together regularly when there is a need for planetary work, co-creating on the inner realms with the Family of Light and with the inner realms of Gaia to amplify and increase the light quotient and the love frequencies upon the Earth. These planetary meditations, and missions may be initiated and verified by the Mission Team of 8 and may be proposed by any being from the Command to the Mission Team. We would also encourage members of The Earth Command to power the visions and the dreams for the New Earth, for prayers to be amplified by the light and the love in support of all beings. We are excited at the prospects and possibilities of engaging light workers in this way for this relationship to be fruitful to your development and impactful to the evolution of humanity. We send our love to all who hear this call and come together in oneness and love.

We give thanks, blessed be.

The Council of 12 overlighting Earth Command

Received by Yvonne Yjemani Li on 3rd June 2020

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