Ascension Journey to Sirius on 7 Jul 20

Traveling to the temples of Sirius in the one heart

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Our ascension journey to Sirius was delightful but also profound and beautiful. There was initially a healing in the sacred lake for various parts of our being. Then we entered into the Golden temple and received dispensations for our expansion.

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Participant's feedback:

"Thank you Yjemani for a marvellous travelling to Sirius. Enjoy being in the lake. Love being in the library. Zoomed out in the temple. Thank you all for a beautiful group experience. Have to go. Lots of love and blessings to all!" ~ AS, Hong Kong


"Thank you so much for this meditation! It was ultra powerful, didn't understand mluch yet, and know I have been there many lives that I could feel… looking foward to the unfolding process." ~ CL, Paris


"Thank you so much beloved. It was divine. I was in and out so I cant share much at this time. Very greateful for your divine assistance xoxo" ~ S, Bryon Bay


"Thank you yvonne bringing this meditation to me.And thank you M for sharing this with me and thank you l to trust to join the meditation. It was just like going home, it felt very safe, to softly let go my stubbornness." ~ AY, Hong Kong

Online Meditation

Ascension Journey to Sirius

7th July 2020

Sydney 9pm, Hong Kong 7PM, London 12pm, New York 7am

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The 7th July and the few days before is an annual gateway that opens Earth to Sirius, the the brightest star in our sky. Sirius holds the mantle for overseeing the the evolution and ascension of humanity, and throughout Earth's history many ancient civilisations, ancient monuments, and old literature has referenced this star as being significant. Sirius is the great central sun behind our sun, the heart of the galaxy which our solar system revolves around. For this reason, it is also known as our spiritual sun.

We will be coming into the One Heart and traveling to the temples of Sirius for an ascension journey. We will be joined by the Council of One Heart, many enlightened beings will be with us as our ascension guides. The details of the journey will be in the mystery, the enlightened dispensations, blessings, and transmissions will be tailored according to the participating souls. If you are feeling pulsed to join this meditation, trust this is a prompt from your Presence or Higher Self. For those who cannot join live, you can participate in the meditation via the recording.

We look forward to ascending together in the one heart.

All our love,

Yvonne & Council of One Heart


Date: 7th July 2020

Time: Sydney 9pm, Hong Kong 7PM, London 12pm, New York 7am (1.5 hours)

Connection: via Zoom meeting, the connection details will also be sent 2 hours before the event

Heart Exchange: HK$111, online payment via direct PayPal link 

Registration: forward your online payment for the event confirmation, and request the zoom details or recording for 'Meditation: Ascension Journey to Sirius' to