Being Conscious of Consciousness

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All is consciouness, the consciousness of All that is.

Consciousness is the object and subject.

Consciousness is the quantity of light and energy as well as the quality of light and energy.

Consciousness is the level and quality of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.

Consciousness is the connection between void and awareness.

Consciousness is within all dimensions and inter-dimensions.

Consciousness is stationary and constantly moving.

Consciousness is always evolving as a whole.

There is consciousness in everything, water, weather patterns, minerals, plants, insects, animals, planets, stars, galaxies and universes just to name a few. Beyond the mind, there is consciousness within our energetic bodies, our physical body, our organs, our cells, even our DNA.

"Consciousness is the art of knowing yourself and realising your infinite potentiality"

At a physical level, one can be conscious of the different facets of our brain and be aware of the different facets of our consciousness. One can be conscious of our organs and cells, the level of efficiency it is operating at.

At an emotional level, one can be conscious of our apparent and subtle emotions. When one becomes conscious of our hidden emotions will find it is also linked to physical symptoms. Being conscious of our emotions allows us to to know whether something or someone is suitable.

At a soul level, one can be conscious of that sacred part of our inner self. The little voice, the feeling in the gut and the knowing that one gets are all prompts from the Soul. Our Soul can also have different levels of consciousness, it seeks to raise its consciousness through the human experience.

One can be conscious of the energies of a person or a group of persons, even mass consciousness.

One can be consicous of the energies of a place, the energies of the planet and the incoming energies to the planet.

Consciousness can reside in void while non-conscious state is just the potential of consciousness that will blossom as expression. There are many planes of consciousness. At different planes, you perceive the world through multi-dimensionality.

By elevating your light, you elevate your consciousness. When you widen your consciousness, you hold more light. When you gain higher consciousness, limitations fall away. When you become one with All that is, all limitations cease. There is after all just ONE consciousness, and from the point of Absolute it is simply viewing itself.