Quieting the Monkey Mind

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Inner peace, slipping into the void or accessing different parts of your ascended consciousness is only possible when the monkey mind is quiet.

The monkey mind is the constant chatter in the head - the incessant thinking about work, a past experience, self problems and or other limiting thoughts. The monkey mind comes from your personality, the part of you that is separated from the Source within. Due to the separation, it is fearful and judgemental. Mostly, it is the part of you that judges, reminds you of your mistakes and imperfections, compares you to others, tells you there is scarcity, highlights how you are not worthy and lowers your self-confidence.

If you don't tame the monkey mind, then it has a tendency to run wild like weeds in a garden. Over-thinking blocks your connection to your sacred heart and your intuitive nature. When the masculine logical reasoning side of you is over worked, your feminine side suffers. The imbalance not only blocks your innate gifts but the over-active mind over the long term can create a host of mental and physical problems ranging from inability to concentrate, anxiety, tiredness, mood fluctuations, hypertension, obsesity, sleep disorder and other chronic illness. A vicious cycle is created when you are tired and there is less willpower or strength to manage the runway thoughts, the monkey mind gains power when you are weak.

"People look for retreats in the country, by the coast, or in the hills ... there is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind ... so constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself"

~ Marcus Aurelius

There are many strategies to quieting the monkey mind. It begins with awareness, knowing when you are being carried away by your thoughts, when the thinking is no longer productive and you are no longer in control of its direction. When there is awareness, do not give the thoughts any more energy and allow the thoughts to pass like clouds or vapour. Your attitude is everything, not placing any judgement on the situation and just switching away from your runaway thoughts is a basic element of self-mastery.

Breathing deeply and purposefully, focusing on the in-breath and out-breath is a simple and effective technique to bring you back to the present. To break from the resultant energy, express gratitude for all that you have in your life will neutralise the negative thoughts that your monkey mind promote. Start doing something you enjoy like listening to uplifting music, painting, cooking, gardening, swimming or something creative not only takes your attention off your mind, it might very well also help you to zone out and reach zen. If the monkey mind is particularly strong and there are mild emotions attached, you can consider meditating with music, with calming natural sounds or using a guided meditation. There isn't only one approach that fits all so it warrants experimenting with different techniques.

Till you tame the mind, then you cannot access the true power of your thinking for your thinking (the observation) creates the realities, the memories and the timeline. The power of positive and intentional thinking can help you to overcome obstacles and generate more positive experiences, this is only possible when you are able to quiet your thoughts, access the void within and your quantum potentiality. Your mind is your sacred garden, you only want to feed that which nurtures you and in return will open your mind to its infinite nature.