Nurturing a Healthy Emotional Body

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It is quite widely accepted that people with high emotional intelligence (EQ) will be able to better communicate and cooperate with others, which has shown to lead to personal or business success. That is simply only part of the story, what is even more important is having a healthy emotional body which refers to how aware we are and how we deal with our own emotions. Having a high EQ doesn't necessary mean you have a healthy emotional body. Having a healthy emotional body however does lead to higher EQ when facing others because you can easily read and empathise with other person's feelings while maintaing a strong sense of self.

Emotions that are stuck create energetic blockages and ultimately lead to physical and mental issues. Examples of imbalances in our emotional body may include:

Volatile emotional body - imbalance in emotions can range from happiness to sadness that come on suddenly. Volatile emotional body leaves one feeling exhausted from the energy output and emotional swings.

Excessive emotional body - being stuck in negative emotions for prolonged period of time. The person cannot get over their emotions and the negative thinking, while most people can easily get over a simliar kind of issue. Long term effects of excess amount of emotions will cause energetic blocks in the meridian system and/or nervous system. Depending on the kind of emotions, it will cause damage to that part of the physical body. For example, anger affects the liver. You can refer to traditional chinese medicine and or other holistic healing sites for more information.

Fearful emotional body - small fears to deep rooted fears that hold us back, that keep us being small while producing negativity in our being. Freedom from fear allows you to be anything you want, without worrying about others or feeling self-judgement. Typically the kidney is affected when there is alot of fear.

Repressed emotional body - having small or large emotions but consciously or unconsciously ignoring it. This is often the case with men, but it could very well occur for women. It is the case of "not feeling anything", nothing moves the person and the person feels nothing even if some major event has occured. Due to environmental conditioning, many people were taught to believe that feeling emotions is a sign of weakness. Over the long term, repressed emotional body manifests in a variety of issues from blocked meridians, to growth in our bodies or create very acute health issues such as cancer or tumor.

Emotional trauma - trauma may occur due to bad news, humiliation, harrassment, perpetration or violence. The person freezes up and goes into a state of shock, which can cause short term and long term permanent damage. If the trauma is not addressed, energy and information that flows in the etheric body and meridian system are affected creating a host of physical and possibly even mental problems.

How to cultivate a healthy emotional body? Firstly begin by having awareness, accepting the emotions, thereafter willingness to let go of negative emotions. 

Awareness of our emotions can range from low to high. Having awareness is being perceptive of how the environment, people, different objects, and narratives makes you feel. Do you feel loved, happy, sad, judged or any other range of emotions? Do you know the degree to which you feel that emotion? The world mirrors that which is within you, so if you are fustrated with other's slow pace of driving, if you are judging other's comments, that is a sign that there is something within you that you are not fully accepting.

Acceptance of our emotions and honoring whatever comes up without judgement is a crucial next step. If you are feeling fustrated, allow your fustrations to play out. If you are sad, crying or letting yourself feel sadness. If you are angry, honoring that anger but not allowing it to control you. Acceptance requires non-judgement of the situation, the other person and most of all, of yourself.

Honoring the emotions allows the emotions that are yours to play out, your willingness to not attach to it helps to release the energy. Once the negative emotions has played its course naturally, come back to a state of peace and love. Perhaps do something you enjoy like taking a walk or watching a movie, all negative energies with regards to your emotional body are subsequently shifted and balanced.