Cosmic Conjunction Activating Humanity's Higher Mind and Heart Connection

Significance of Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction Solstice on the 21st December 2020

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Cosmic Conjunction Activating Humanity's Higher Mind and Heart Connection

We are now deep in the portal of the solstice and the conjunction, and the energies are rising daily. Many of you are experiencing ascension symptoms, the enormous influxes of light also coming from the recent solar eclipse creates for any dense energies to shift, and unresolved energies still held individually is what creates for the discomfort beloveds. There are many things that you can do to ease these symptoms, you can drink more water, breathe deeply, take salt baths, meditate, make the conscious effort to slow down and tune in to assimilate the higher energies that are coming in. This is an important time to go on the inner planes, to commune with your heart, and to allow your heart to guide you and your consciousness for these unresolved parts of your being is making itself apparent so that you may guide it back to peace and balance, to bring it back to love and oneness.

The conjunction, the great alignment of the two planets Saturn and Jupiter is a cosmic phenomena that is in accordance with the divine plan for humanity. The higher qualities of Jupiter is wisdom, and compassionate leadership, while the higher qualities of Saturn is positive evolutionary changes, and divine creation. The combination of these higher qualities are being amplified with the balancing energies of the Solstice on the 21st December when the planets converges. The coming together of these two planets has been highly visible in our sky since November, and it will converge on the 21st December 2020 creating what looks like a new elongated star. The new star that we will call the Golden Dove will be apparent throughout Christ-mas and when the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, it also symbolises the birthing of the Divine Masculine through the womb of the Christ Feminine. The higher purpose of the planetary energies converging is that it supports humanity to evolve with wisdom, through compassionate leadership, and creating a future that respects Universal Laws and the divinity in all life.

Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction with the New Moon, from mgucci / Getty Images

That point of balance and coming into union with all parts of your consciousness is also this year's spiritual theme. It is through the diligent work of so many light workers who are communing deeply and integrating their disempowered feminine that much has been achieved, the conjunction will further consecrate the inner journeys, the lessons, grounding new levels of light quotient and divine consciousness within your being. The conjunction also brings through new influx of energies, these are the new Source codes from the many Suns to the Earth as a divine blessing, to activate the body of the Earth, so that it may also activate and bless the group heart and group mind of humanity.

Around the time of the conjunction many around the world will be meditating, or facilitating inner journeys. All are co-creating and doing their part to support the divine plan to unfold. And as the light switches on in greater numbers within the collective through their active participation to be the light, to hold the love, receive the light codes, the divine blessings received will uplift the collective even more. Changes occuring within the chakras of Mother Earth, create for changes in the group chakras of humanity which then affects each person's energy system. There are beautiful brothers and sisters who are visiting Egypt, and ones who will be in Uluru on this occasion to work on the land and anchor more light on Earth. In our case and with other beloveds who resonate, we will be supporting the Solar Christ Feminine Codes to anchor in our local vacinity to the ley lines, to facilitate these codes spreading across earth. The Christ Feminine Codes will meet the codes that will be received in Uluru the Divine Mother Portal of Creation, they are the same codes that will be received during our mini workshop Return of the Christ Feminine on the 21st December.

As the feminine within each woman and man becomes fully empowered to its divinity, there is no longer any fears, or limiting beliefs that hold the feminine consciousness back from sharing her love, her beauty, her creativity, and her brilliance. She is able to shine in all of her authenticity. She is able to feel and honor all feelings, she is able to give and love whole-heartedly. As a Christ Feminine she is able to accept the masculine, she loves him as he is, honours him for doing the best that he can, and she accepts the divinity in the masculine no matter what he has done in the past. The dance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine creates for a beautiful divine union of balanced energies, and this is how the unity consciousness grows in the Golden Aquarian age.

This new Aquarian era represents the higher wisdom, and is connected to the divine mind, to the oneness, and unity consciousness. The Golden Aquarian consciousness is one of seeking the higher ideals, of not just simply relying on your education, media, your peers, leaders, or others in power to tell you what it is, what to do, and what is right; there is instead a focus on one's divine truth. Each person empowered through greater heart expansion and expansion of the higher mind, will seek to create resonance between their heart and their mind. They will sense when the information is not aligned to their truth, and not aligned to the higher Universal truths. It is through the higher mind that will create great changes, for it will affect humanity's behaviour towards creating balance with others through equality, creating balance in their community towards the higher ideals of the divine. It will also accelerate humanity's spiritual connection and awakening as the upper chakras opens to more light.

The return of the Divine Feminine in the last few years has been inspired by the rise of the New Lemuria consciousness on Earth. As she reclaims her power fully as the Divine Feminine, she is able to encourage the masculine through unconditional love and acceptance, to heal and to let go of all his disharmonious beliefs, creating for the lower mind to surrender to the higher mind. From the place of the higher mind, he will have wisdom and express compassionate leadership, the masculine will let go of control and the need for dominance over his dominion and others. The Divine Masculine is then able to act from a place of compassion and love, and be in alignment with the balance that considers our interconnectedness. Thus, 2021 begins the dawn of the New Atlantis which actives the higher mind of humanity to connect with their heart, thus creating harmony, peace, oneness and loving exchanges between people, as well as between humanity and all kingdoms of the Earth.

The 21st of December is the cusp of these new spiritual waves, the New Atlantis and Golden Aquarian era for the energies that are coming through the Earth activates this powerful doorway. There will be great heart opening across the Earth along with the influx of light, and there will be a great celebration on the inner planes as the collective steps up in their empowerment while the Golden Dove births from the great conjunction. We lovingly invite you to join us for the Return of the Christ Feminine workshop, to meditate and hold the energy of the Christ Feminine deeply as we connect to Christos Sophia and Christ for the Source codes for consecretion, as Mother Gaia and the Rainbow Serpent guides us on the inner planes of Mother Earth. Let us also place the collective intention here now, as we ask for the highest potential for the great conjunction and the Divine Plan to unfold, with the participation of many light workers and loving souls around the world doing their very best on the 21st December and thereafter. We give thanks to all that is unfolding with grace, blessed be.

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