Creative Blocks

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The creative blocks that one experiences, for those who are typically creative can be fustrating and/or one can feel a deep sadness. Our creativity comes from our feminine, when it is no longer flowing you can be sure that your feminine is out of balance, acting up and possibly on strike. One can get discouraged when the pleasure of creation is no longer free to express, it is as though your wings are clasped. Over a prolonged period, it takes more resolute and courage to get back into the flow of creation when one has been experiencing stagnant energies for a while.

Creativity is not just being creative in a business project or investment structure design, but rather creativity expressed in the form of writing, singing, painting, dancing, and anything activity that connects to the energies of joy, play and love. When our creative feminine is balanced, words pour out onto pages, the paintbrush and paint mix together seemlessly onto the canvas, and even the fallen leaves and flowers inspire you to create a mandala in nature. Some refer to the act of focused creative flow, being in the "zone" which in effect makes it much like meditation.

The creative energy is within all of us no matter we are in the artistic fields or science. Even great visionaries in the STEM fields are inspired by their creative energies and enlightened information stemming from an open channel to higher guidance.

Creativity and freedom goes hand-in-hand as the expression of the Divine energies flowing through you.

When that creative door is opened, your intuition is switched on and your channel is open to energies around you. When the creative feminine is blocked, it is likely that over-thinking owing to the over-active masculine, beliefs created by limiting programs, and emotions arising from the sub-conscious are creating imablances in your being. Whereas in your natural and balanced energetic state you are naturally creative, now your energy is focused on the intenal debate raging inside your mind, meeting the dark night of your soul, and/or your emotions are so overwhelming that it is hard to be clear about the intuitive messages and higher guidance.

Creative blocks is an initiation to step up in one's self-mastery. It requires us to go within, to be aware of blocks and its causes, honoring the present moment that even this lesson albeit painful is divine, as well as absolute acceptace and unconditional love. It takes the releasing of out-dated programs which impact our beliefs and emotions before new habits and programs of positivity, success and abundance can be formed. An enemy or foe, your attitude towards your experience will determine how quickly you move through the creative block. A blessing in disguise, once the higher purpose of why this has occured for you at this time your creative block can be the springboard for a new level of creative flow and expansion of your divinity.