The Gifts of the Three Wise Men

Divine love, wisdom and power

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The story of three wise magis carrying gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh for the newborn baby Jesus has tremendous symbolic meaning beyond just Christmas celebrations. These holy gifts represent the divine love, divine wisdom, and divine power, trinity qualities from the Divine that unite into the three-fold flame within each and every person's heart.

Divine power as the blue flame represents the will and power of the Divine, this is the gift of Myrrh and the first ray of power. The flame of divine power asks us to go with the flow of the universe, to surrender the ego personality to our divinity and highest Soul purpose. Only when the personality is no longer dominating and we are aligned to the higher consciousness of Divine Will, our Soul may then transcend to a state of oneness. The blue flame encourages us to overcome limitations by keeping faith even if it means stretching ourselves may be challenging at times, accepting the circumstances and remembering the highest purpose which is our spiritual evolution. The two aspects of divine power, encourages us utilise our innate power and will to overcome the ego-personality, and aligning ourselves with the divine will and flow of the universe.

The yellow flame as represented by Gold as the second ray of wisdom, is the right use of knowledge at the right time, and using wisdom to serve the highest purpose of the collective and not only for individualistic benefit. Only using Intelligence from the lower-mind without wisdom and love invites the ego, which then will create disharmonies and decisions that have consequences for others or the environment. Wisdom is served in alignment with our Super-consciousness which follows the universal laws of love, oneness, and balance is te highest use of intelligence.

The gift of frankincense and pink plume of the three fold flame represents divine love, it is the fundamental nature of of divinity and the basis for All that is. Divine love is unconditional, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, supporting, healing, and liberating as opposed to conditional love that can be controlling or smoothering. Love combined with wisdom ensures that power is not misused. The world certainly needs more authentic and compassionate leaders, but simply expecting that of our leaders but not of ourselves is disempowering and not taking responsibility. Love is the most potent force in the world and universe, it can heal all discordant energies be it at the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical level. When divine Love is balanced with the other two plumes of wisdom and compassionate power, it espresses the divine nature of All that is that only bless and benefit all beings.

These three flames entertwine into the one sacred fire, it burns brightly within everyone as the essence of our eternal Spirit. Otherwise known as the Divine Presence or I AM Presence, our holy flame is a spark from God to remind us of our divinity and connection to Source of All that is.