Flowers, Supermoon & Wesak Magic in May

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The last supermoon of the year is the flower moon which takes place on the 6th/7th of May. As with all full moons, but especially the supermoons they are always an opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves you so more of your light may be expressed. May's full moon takes place in Scorpio which supports one to get to the heart of the issue. Perhaps you have been looking to complete a major life lesson and have been working on it for a while, the full moon in Scorpio will enable you to finish the soul learning and clear the karma once and for all. The supermoon will magnify any remaining discordant energies, the Scorpio energy will also cut through all the veils that blocks your understanding of the issue. The full moon energies falls within the Wesak portal which is zero point / quantum energy coming from the galactic center, so it is prime time to connect to your Higher Self, Presence and your guides to receive guidance and reinforcement to complete your karmic journey in the highest way possible.

The full moon in May is celebrated as Buddha's birthday around the world, and to the Buddhists Wesak represents Buddha's birth, death and enlightenment. During the Wesak Portal, 7 days before and after the full moon, incredible light, divine dispensations and blessings from Buddha and the Family of Light will be streamed to the planet in support of raising the planetary consciousness. On the inner planes of Shamballa it is also celebrated as the spiritual new year for all initiates, so coming into the Wesak full moon we are completing all the initiations and soul contracts of the last year to make way for new contracts, continous enlightenment and expansions for the next spiritual year. As the world is undergoing a shared experience of physical isolation, this inner retreat and time out with the Wesak supermoon is jolting the collective to reassess all that may have been out of balance and contemplate a new future.

With people across the world being forced to stay at home, the global economy is crippling, as are many businesses and jobs being made redundant. In what seem to be uncertain times ahead, we are being asked to remember we are co-creators and envision a new future for ourselves, the Earth and humanity. On a personal level a future that nutures us our being to thrive at all dimensions of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, as well as expanding our heart is the blessing of being the new Hu-Man. For the collective, a future world worth having is one that supports all humanity, all sentient life, and Mother Earth with greater levels of love, compassion, health and abundance. The Wesak supermoon in Scorpio is going reinforce to the collective to let go of our former ways, humanity's unsustainble nature disregarded the balance for Earth, the community and for ourselves and the lesson of Coronavirus pandemic is for everyone to stop and wake up. As we drop our old egoistic driven habits and live a soul-based, heart-focused life, we become in tune with the ebbs and flows of Mother Nature and the Universe. It is through living from our heart that we liberate ourselves from all fears and limitations, allowing us to step into our soveriengty and magnificence as a Christed being merged with the Buddhic enlightened consciousness.

As we have just celebrated Beltane on the 1st of May, it heralds the start of summer in the Northern hemisphere and flowers are in full bloom. Mother nature, the elementals and the animals are especially busy and vibrant now as they have had the last few months of rehabilitation, and recouperated from what used to be over zealous human activity. We are beginning to see the beautiful harvest and abundance of Mother Nature when left to her own device, thrive and re-create the great balance that is needed for all beings. Flowers always symbolises the magic in nature for while the elementals (the devas) hold the immaculate concept of form, one can never fully guess what the flowers, trees and environment will look like when it blooms. This is the mystery and magic that awaits each one of us, if we let go of the doing and coming to our sacred heart, the eternal mind of God expressed as our Divine Presence will show us the way so that we may blossom like flowers taking our place in the great scheme of All that is.

May you enjoy the flowers and the Scorpio supermoon in Wesak of May, it is going to be a most magical month!

Photo courtesy of Billy Lau