Embracing your Inner Child

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Children are mostly wide-eyed, curious, mischievous, seeks thrills, loves to play - these are the original qualities of a liberated Soul as Spirit.

"Your inner child represents the innocence and playtfulness of your Soul.​"

Whilst growing up, people accumulate inner woundedness that results in conflict, control, limitation and separation. Facing life's harsh realities or simply dealing with the practicalities of work and family life contribute to inner woundedness and separation from our Divine self, if the emotions are not addressed.

A healthy emotional body is vital to our overall wellbeing, any suppressed or heightened emotional energies if not dealt with or balanced results in discordant energies that affects our physical and energetic bodies. Our willingness to face and feel the emotions that could not be dealt with during our childhood helps to move old stuck energy and return us to our innocense. Ultimately, it is through self-love, acceptance and forgiveness of the past that frees our inner child and returns us to our natural, playful, loving state.

While there may not be any past suppressed emotional energies, most people have little connection or remembrance of their inner child. Your inner child so wants to be loved and nurtured by you, to play with you. When you rekindle the inner child connection, be patient and gentle just as you would with a wounded child, shower with unconditional love and continue cultivating a healthy, fun relationship with your Soul.