Escaping the World

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Do these sound familiar?

  • As the hardest working person on the team, your productivity and efficiency is commendable and admired but outside of your work persona you feel you don't have a life worth paying attention to.
  • Often traveling and hoping from place to place either for holiday getaways or work trips, it is only in the company of strangers that you get a stronger sense of your identity.
  • Often needing to be in the company of others, any moment alone renders you useless as to what to do with yourself.
  • Always looking to be entertained through listening to music, flicking through social media or watching online shows while you are on the go. Any silence in between the entertainment feels overwhelming or overly dull.

What are you escaping from? You might be escaping from a failed relationship, a painful past or any other factors. No matter what the reason might be, deep down you are escaping from yourself.

To unconsciously escape the reality construct you have created represents how out of touch you are with your inner world. Much more than just your mind, your inner world contains other aspects such as your emotional body, your Soul, your Higher Self and an infinite realm of your potentiality. It will otherwise be repressed unless you allow space to experience the significance of the connection. The fountain of wisdom and potential within you when allowed to flow, leads to a healthier sense of self, a stronger sense of purpose and effortless experience of life unfolding.