Staying in Integrity with Energy Healing

The do's and the don'ts so you stay in integrity

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In many spiritual groups on social media, we see many wonderful outpouring of healing energies and requests for healing energies. Here are a few do's and don'ts to ensure the healing that is taking place is with the highest integrity.

  • If you are requesting healing energy for someone, be very specific with their full name and which hospital and city they are in. It would help the healer or the enlightened being who is sending healing energy.
  • If you are requesting healing energy or giving healing energy, grounding of your light and protection of your own energy field is very important. You don't want to pick up any discordant energy in someone's field or receive any energy other than Christed frequencies during the energy transaction.
  • Love is the most powerful healing energy and force in the world. Even if you are not a typical energy healer, by just sending love to the person it helps the recipient to raise their vibrations and it does not cause any karma even if you don't have their explicit permission.
  • Without the recipient's permission, if you send any other energy other than love we are interfering with the person's free will and this creates karma for the well-meaning healer. This is why the healers will always ask you to give permission or comment when providing long-distance healing. If you have provided healing to someone without their awareness in the past, just make amends to balance the karma.
  • The request for healing comes from being out of balance. The imbalance at a physical level will be affected by imbalances at the emotional or mental or spiritual levels. Healing comes from bringing to harmony and oneness that which was out of balance.
  • Aside from healing energy, prayers are powerful invocations to put forward as a request to the Universe and the enlightened masters. They will decide per the Soul's divine plan whether to intervene or provide assistance with dispensations. When many people say the same prayer, the potential of it occurring magnifies. We have seen incredible miracles take place just only with prayers, and it supports the subsequent healing to flow with ease and grace.

If you have any other questions or feedback, feel free to message me. Sending lots of love your way in the meantime!