Death, Resurrection and Freedom in the Triple Eclipse Gateway

Christ codes activated with cosmic alignments and sacred portals

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After a busy month of May we have entered a powerful gateway of triple eclipses. Eclipses are very transformational for the collective, we have three this season that also connects to many sacred sites on Earth to support the major transformations that are taking place in this incredible year of reset. The cosmic alignments combined with the convergence to our Earth's portal opens up to the purity and co-creation of new consciousness for humanity so that love enhances the light magnification, light enters density, and density transmutes to radiance. These are messages of unconditional love and divine light activations from the highest echelons, and igniting them by the fires of the Holy Spirit, so that they may be blessed by Shehkina Sophia and held within the womb of Gaia in support of all beings on Earth.

June 5/6, Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse worked with our shadow aspects that are in our subconscious, and the full moon reveals the major blind spots in our subconscious and illuminate it so we can bring it to wholeness. As the lunar eclipse was strongly affected by Mars and the lunar energies of the feminine, emotions from the warrior archetype will flare as have been seen in the case of the public outrage towards discrimination of black people. If you felt triggered or uncomfortable, these are the deep subconscious beliefs that have created your disempowerment. All feelings and thoughtforms of dispowerment whether it is prejudism or lack of self worth stems from separation and closing down of the heart. They have come to surface so that it may be embraced with compassionate wisdom and illumined by unconditional love.

The lunar eclipse energies are further animated by the power from the Great Attractor at Sagitarius, the centre of the galaxy supercluster called Laniakea that not only pulls our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy but all surrounding galaxies towards it. The pull towards the galactic voidal heart, creates the evolutionary path towards higher consciousness and a new era for all in the galaxy cluster. Earth and humanity will birth new consciousness in this new cycle of evolution but before birthing the new consciousness, the old consconsciousness of separation must first die.

June 20/21, Solstice and New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse

The second eclipse is even more powerful, since it is annular in nature whilst coinciding with the new moon and summer solstice. The June 21st solar eclipse is connected to the cosmic umbilical cord of the Sun, Earth and the Inner Earth reconnection via the sacred site of Uluru on 12th January. It activated the Solar Christ Feminine codes to be received from the Great Central Sun and its potentiality held in the womb of Uluru, also known as the Divine Mother Portal of Creation that supports new consciousness to be seeded on Earth. See our blog on 'Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Atilla Trinity Portals' and the past event on the 'Solar Umbilical Cord of Life' that participated in the global activation on January 12th. The Solar Christ Masculine will be activated on June 21st and being supported with the energies of the Solstice and the New Moon creates for new intentions of balance.The solar eclipse also occurs in cancer, symbolic of the masculine coming home to its family creating for the union of sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

On June 21st, aside from the solar eclipse there will also be a great astrological alignment of a celestial cross of the galactic equator, and the ecliptic plane (the axis of the milky way). The Earth’s equatorial plane, the sun and the moon are all lined up on the galactic equator at the same time of the celestial cross. The last time this occurred as part of the precession of the quinoxes was approximately 12000 years ago when the celestial cross tilted and pulled away from the galactic plane causing a long cycle of contraction! The 12,000 year of contraction in consciousness has created for both the masculine and feminine to lose balance and power, and when exerted to the extreme great imbalances have occurred on Earth. The celestial cross (also known as the celestial sword) of the Earth's equatorial plane and ecliptic plane will soon tilt towards the galactic plane and towards the Sun in this new cycle of galactic expansion.

With thanks to Ted Haper website, we now understand in greater detail the astrological alignments in relation to the numerological significance of nine on June 21st via the many sacred sites on Earth. We also give thanks to all the authors for some of the pictures for visual impactful.

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Source: screenshot taken from a video by Peace & Harmony.

There are many dimensions and purpose of the solar eclipse as it makes its purposeful path across the planet. The eclipse will activate the dormant codes within the Earth as it moves across many sacred portals. It also purifies the energies that are held within the Earth chakras so that it may co-create with the consciousness of humanity, to alleviate and release the separation consciousness so that more light can be embraced.

Beginning at Stonehenge, Glastonbury

The eclipse enters Earth through the sacred site of Stonehenge at the heart chakra of the planet. Dawn on the June 21st begins at Glastonbury 6:41am UT, and the galactic axis which corresponds with the summer / winter axis pointing through the Stonehenge circle, through the outer Aubrey circle, and through the centre of the heel stones is what they call the central north node will be the moon eclipsing the sun. The central north node at the Stonehenge represents the beginning of a new cycle for humanity for this sacred site monument was designed by the driuds to mathematically meet and celebrate all the important astrological alignments affecting Earth. The solstice and galactic axis pointing at the central north node is pointing to a new cycle of expansion where humanity will be growing into for their evolution with the merging of the their masculine and feminine polarities.

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Source: screenshot taken from a video by Peace & Harmony.

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Source: screenshot taken from a video by Peace & Harmony.

For the first time, anyone from any part of the world may watch the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge live on June 20th (sunset) and the Solar Eclipse on the June 21st (sunrise) via Facebook. At Stonehenge, the sunset on June 20th will be at 21:26 BST (20:26 GMT) and the sunrise on June 21st will be at 04:52 BST (03:52 GMT). Do take advantage of these live viewing while receiving the divine frequencies, check your timezones here.

Aligning to the Great Pyramid of Giza

The eclipse path will continue to cross over to Egypt, and its cosmic energies moving from the heart chakra of the Earth up to the throat chakra at The Great Pyramids. At The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the partial eclipse of the moon and the sun merging into a versica piscis above will be aligned to the positions of the pyramid's King's chamber and Queen’s chamber at 05:13 (GMT +3). The Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed for many reasons, this sacred portal is the Divine Father Portal of Creation (its feminine counterpart is Uluru) and has the maximum light available on the planet to support the manifestation of new consciousness on Earth.

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Source: screenshot taken from video by Peace & Harmony

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The King's chamber is designed for spiritual initiations, facilitating both personal ascensions as well as planetary ascensions. The sarcophagus in the King's chamber is a rite of passage for initiates to complete spiritual initiations in a multi-dimensional divine portal of light that supports the transcendence of limitations and aligns us to the divine will of God. Initiates are sacredly held in enlightened frequencies, light, codes and geometries inside to support the 'death' of their ego nature and mastery of their fears. Jeshua the one that you also know as Jesus, as well as many others undertook similar initiations in this portal as they embraced a path of ascension to Christ. This is the higher purpose of enlightening the throat chakra via the Great Pyramid portal, so that we may experience more of our enlightened consciousness in our third eye chakra via our pineal gland or the eye of Horus, connect with the higher dimensions and flow with the divine plan with sacred embodiment. The sacred embodiment as Christ after the initiations in the pyramid, is honoured with enlightenment and a divine child of the Sun as symbolised by the Sphinx which faces East towards the rising sun.

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Interpreting the Sacred Geometry

Versica piscis is featured prominently during the merging of the sun and the moon into the eclipse. When the two circles placed side by side and interlace with each other, it is the joining of humanity's mind (light) and heart (love), and their divine masculine (sun) and divine feminine (lunar) coming into sacred union. When the two circle intersect each other from above and below, humanity will unite with their Presence and there will be unity consciousness, creating Heaven on Earth. Versica piscis also symbolises the beginning of creation or the seed of life, the sacred geometry of the seed of life growing into a flower of life is the process for divine creation.

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The sun (divine masculine) and the moon (divine feminine) forming into the sacred geometry of versica piscis is supported energetically on many levels. If we combine the horizontal and vertical versica piscis, we see the Cross of Calvary and its connection to the Celestial Cross. The cross is not only a symbol of Jesus' death and redemption for humanity's sins, the crucifixion of the cross represents the death of separation and the cross represents all polarities coming into union, and into the one heart.

Annular Solar Eclipsing at Lalibela, Ethiopia

Shortly after the solar eclipse passes the Great Pyramid, it will then head to the holy city that long ago hosted the Essences community and what orthodox Christians refer to as the New Jerusalem. There are 11 medieval and monolithic churches in Lalibela Ethiopia, they are built out of rock and situated in the line of the eclipse pathway. The most prominent church in the city is the Church of Saint George which is built deep in the ground, is so unique in design that it has a large cross symbol on its roof. The ring of fire seen at the Church of Saint George will create approximately 10 minutes of darkness, when the solar eclipse is at a maximum at 08:00 (GMT +3) with 97.06% of the sun blocking out. Supported by the cosmic alignment of the celestial cross taking place above, the eclipse will activate and release Christ codes of unification from the lands, to bring about balance to the heart of humanity and the distorted beliefs in spirituality.

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Annular Solar Eclipsing at Mt Kailash, Tibet and Himalayas

Continuing west towards Asia and across the Himalayas, the solar eclipse will be present at the final sacred portal of Mount Kailash. With 98.8% of sunlight blocked out, it provides the deepest view with the eclipse peaking at 14:45 (GMT+8) for around 8 minutes. Mount Kailash is the crown chakra of the Earth, and it relates to humanity's evolution to enlightenment and liberation. With the eclipse passing, this portal will release the codes of enlightenment and ascend our physical body's connection with our Spirit as embodied souls into unity consciousness through our Christ Presence.

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Source: Mount Kailash image screenshot from Available Light Images video

The sacred sites mentioned here are the Earth chakras at the third and forth dimension. The purification and activation of these Earth chakras with the cosmic christ codes will correspondingly purify and activate the upper chakras of humanity to support humanity's collective ascension to fifth and sixth dimension. The solar eclipse with the portal alignments will bring into union the masculine and feminine polarities in these Earth chakras, and the sacred portals will hold the potential for humanity to do the same with their upper chakras.

21 June, Resurrection of Christ workshop

We are guided to offer an online workshop on June 21st 'Resurrection of Christ'. It will be overlighted by Lord Sanada and the Family of Light to activate the Christ in you, receiving enlightened frequencies of the Cosmic Christ codes from the sun beyond the suns. We would love for you to join us, to be the first to journey through the sacred sites and receive the initiations to let go of the ego, and resurrect the dormant Christ codes to support your ascension and enlightenment. Please refer to the full details of the workshop here, it is a donation based event to enable everyone in every circumstance to join.

"Christ ascension cannot be understood until the initiations of crucifixion and resurrection are recognised as those transformational events that may be already occurring in your life" ~ Anna, Jeshua's Grandmother

4/5 July, Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse on July 4th / 5th will be facilitated by Shekinah Sophia as well as Gaia, for the consciousness of liberty or the freedom codes will be incubated and held in the heart of Gaia. It is not a coincidence that the lunar eclipse coincides with the Independence Day for the United States, it will be about the experience of the collective claiming back their sovereignty. The lunar eclipse will be filled with many colours and sounds on this day, the interweaving of the freedom codes into the heart of Gaia, and into the grids to be shared across the Earth. Germinating once it is being fertilised in the womb of Gaia, every being will receive the freedom codes and it will support their enlightenment in accordance to their individualised divine plan.

It is indeed a glorious combination of cosmic alignments of the triple eclipse gateway that will quicken everyone's ascension, and in many fold if they are consciously allowing the death of separation. Where there is a willingness and readiness of the mind, body and soul, coupled with the transmissions of spiritual energy to awaken the codes that are held in the body, then there can be divine union, and the higher qualities from the chakras will ignite the internal pathways of the expression as Christ. As a collective, this means humanity will step into the fifth dimension which is based on unity consciousness and then sixth dimension which is christ consciousness in their soul evolution. The golden age is the raptuous celebration every time a Soul interacts with awakened conscious effort to access the Christ in their lives and become Christ walking the Earth. And so it is.