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Participants Comments:

"Please thank Amakelia Kumara, and Sjamirra Kumara for their sacred mahi. I felt the White Lotus and Rose from Quan Yin Avalokitesvara, thank you for your heartfelt flow and channeling Yvonne Yjemani. This was a very potent meditation, with "big medicine" as Amakelia said, and I love the linking to Dragons, and did see them everywhere. As you know the sacred Dragon is also a totem that dances about our Beloved Quan Yin. Thank you all for the great light frequencies - and I felt a close connection to you all - also linking with Glastonbury and Avebury which I know (having lkived and danced in the UK/Europe in the decade of the 90s." ~ DB, New Zealand

"Thank you so much for this wonderful ceremony, many blessings!" ~ C, Paris

"Thank you! That was wonderful! Much love to all of you" ~ CC, Australia

"Thank you so much ,, wawww love you all" ~ EK, Mexico

"Thank you! All my love to each of you xxxx" ~ EL, Hong Kong

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. I feel very peaceful xxx" ~ A, UK

"Thank you Dynamic Trio it was so sweet. We are so blessed. I Love you" ~ LR, New York

"Thanks so much. Wonderful. xxx" ~ AC, Australia

Global Meditation

Virus Healing Ceremony

11th June 2020 | 9pm Hong Kong, 2pm London, 9am New York

The virus pandemic has awakened the collective to the ways of life that before created imbalances upon the Earth as well as imbalances to your evolution. The great reset that everyone has been experiencing has supported for many changes to take place. It has begun a process of rehabilitation for all sentient life, and we give thanks to each of you for taking this pause to slow down, to reflect and come into your heart space once again.

The virus has been created through the imbalances with the feminine energies and the emotional body of humanity for the virus affects your lungs and your lungs express emotions, a quality of your feminine. Viruses have always been around, but this one has been able to spread so quickly are due to great imbalances and the collective fear. We say that there is no need to fear the virus to the extent it has been promoted, there is a need to be aware and mindful but not to let it run your life and limit you.

It is time now as the higher purpose of this virus pandemic and the lock down has been served, that we emerge from the isolation and distancing. The unresolved energies related to virus can be resolved if we embrace the learnings and meet it with our heart. The purpose of this meditation is to meet the virus from a space of love, as well as meeting the parts of our being that are out of balance. We will be balancing the elementals in our body, so that our fears about the virus may be embraced and balanced. We are looking to do this at a collective level, by making amends so that it to be released from the psychic and astral realms of mass consciousness.

We are inviting all participants to prepare and bring to the meditation four items that represent the elements of water, air, fire and earth. For water and fire, have a glass of water ready and light a candle. For air, you may bring an incense or use a feather. For earth, you may bring some soil or sand. We ask you to prepare these materials in advance and bring them to the meditation so that we may offer it to make amends to the Earth’s body and all sentient life for all the times humanity has created imbalances through our actions. Those who join will also receive a physical healing and attunement of their energy body particularly in light of the strong full moon lunar eclipse energies.

Overlighting this meditation will be the many Holy Mothers, from the Cosmic Mother, Celestial Mother, Creation Mothers, Lunar Mothers, Mother Gaia, the Overlighting Mother Guardian of the Earth, the Ocean Mother, Council of Ancient Mothers and the Sisterhood of Light. The divine mothers and the sacred feminine Spirit will offer healing, as well as open the sacred portals of Glastonbury, Hong Kong and Mt. Baker mountain range to release dispensations of greater love, peace and balance. These dispensations include technologies to heal the virus on a collective level, to balance the fears and thoughtforms about your health, the effect of distancing and isolation, and the uncertainty towards the future.

We will be joined by many beings of light, from the dragons, the dolphins, the temple workers and others who will be facilitating the clearing from mass consciousness across the planet. It has been decreed in the heavens for the the fear of virus to complete its journey ahead of the solstice so from the mid point of the year, there may be a return of some normality. This is a normality that you are here to co-create as the New Earth, as a planet of beauty, health, love and balance. There will be assistance through the geometries of light from Lord Metraton and Lord Melchizedek to hold these future visions and blueprints in place as more and more people awaken in their consciousness that this life they have, and all sentient life on Earth are equally precious. We will be working together to create these visions and seed them upon the merkaba, upon the new consciousness templates of light.

We invite all those who hear the clarion call to be the Earth Emissiaries, to be the surrogates to effect this global healing of the virus through a sacred ceremony and to co-create a future where all will thrive in health, love and joy. We say that great blessings are upon the Earth. We look forward to the ceremonial connection in the one heart.

Blessed be.


Date: 11th June 2020

Time: 9pm Hong Kong, 9am New York, 2pm London (1.5 to 2 hours)

Facilitators: Yvonne Yjemani Li, Amakelia Kumara, Sjamirra Kumara

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Meeting ID: 884 7083 9644

Password: 578712

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