Resurrection of Christ on 21 Jan 20

Activating our Christ Presence during the solar eclipse

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So much gratitude to all participants who joined the 'Resurrection of Christ' workshop, for we all acted as the surrogates for the rest of humanity to receive and anchor these new solar codes of resurrection and remembrance of our Christ / Buddha nature. The resurrection codes which was made available today via the solar eclipse, cosmic alignments as well as sacred sites of Stonehenge (heart chakra), Great Pyramid (throat chakra, third eye chakra) and Mount Kailash (crown chakra) purified humanity's group chakras as well as our own of separation so that we may embrace unity consciousness with our soul, heart and mind. We appreciate all the dispensations and divine blessings that took place at each stage of the journey, eventuating in the Cosmic Christ plane where our golden future awaits us. Waves of gratitude to our dear family of Christ! 💛💛

The recordings are available by request, email

Participant's Feedback:

"Tonight I revisited the workshop recording and journeyed with more focus throughout thankyou - it is a very powerful journey, thank you." ~ DB, New Zealand

"Beautiful, Thank you" ~ A, Calcutta


"Thank you so much Yjemani. Beautiful journey. very grateful. 😘🙏🏽🌈💚✨☀️🐬🌍" ~ S, Bryon Bay

"Thank you so much. Very powerful. Deep blessings to you xxx" ~ NG, Australia


"Thanks so much Yvonne. Very happy I finally made it and it is beautiful journey" ~ B, Hong Kong

"Thank you Yjemani for your beautiful service to bring through the Christ codes for humanity! In gratitude to be a part of the journey. Thank you all for your beautiful presences!" ~ A, Hong Kong

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading this wonderful initiation!<3<3<3" ~ GH

"Thank you so much for this beautiful journey. Very deep. Looking forward to the replay" ~ EW


"That was beautiful thank you Yvonne. Really special." ~ LA, London

Online Workshop

Resurrection of Christ

21st June 2020 | 1230PM Hong Kong, 230PM Sydney, Los Angeles 930PM T-1

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We share that the 21st June 2020 is of major significance with the resurrection of Christ Consciousness returning to Earth, with the great astrological alignment of of the Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse. Since the fall of mankind would take many years before they come out of their slumber, it was decreed that my avatar Yeshua who incarnated on Earth 2020 years ago would offer your world the resurrection codes through his own ascension, enlightenment, death and resurrection into full ascension and into the light as a Christ being. We share that indeed it is the coming of Christ, the resurrection of Christ that the shadow of the lower nature shall be driven out by the illumination of the heart and the sun in the higher mind. It is as have been prophesied within some of your religions that the chosen one will walk upon the Earth again, we share that this is the case for each of you for it is you who must now walk as Christ.

This was always going to be the case that upon more than 2000 years later, the planet will have ascended into fifth dimensional consciousness and Earth will be ready for this new consciousness upgrade. The solar feminine Christ codes returned to Earth on the 10th January during the solar umbilical cord event at Uluru, facilitates for the solar masculine Christ codes to return during the summer solstice on 20th June and for the merging of the maculine and the feminine Christ union to take place on the 21st June so that the resurrection of the Christ consciousness presence, the codes to humanity’s freedom may be released. On this day, the resurrection codes that Yeshua has embodied whilst incarnated on Earth will be resurrected and made available to all beings through this great alignment of the cosmic dance of the precision of the equinox, to the galacic equator, and of your sun and the moon to the sacred sites of the Earth. It is true the illumination of the solar eclipse and the ring of fire will will create a great reset and balance, the separation and the duality will be transmuted into what is but allowing the Pheonix to emerge from the ashes into its full glory.

This is very much what all of you are experiencing with the lunar eclipse full moon, this process of releasing all the shadow. A death process needing to occur, the death of the ego, the death of separation, the death of the illusion that you are not divine so that you may more fully embody light and love. The resurrection codes will be important to the development of Earth, the christ consciousness codes to anchor on Earth to fully open and be made available to humanity will take 20 years for them to evolve from duality but they will be greatly assisted by the christ consciousness that has been birthed for there will be more of you who will feel empowered to open to anchor your Christ presence. And to go through in these 20 years, the letting go of all the shadow and self limitations, so that you may become fully enlighten. This is the path that is available to every being, to ascend but still live in the physiciality if they so wish.

The three hour workshop will consist of two parts, two meditations and journeys. The first part will release the shadow, to experience the death of your ego nature and come into the void which is the womb of possibilities and birthing of new consciousness. The second meditation will be the resurrection, an activation of the dormant codes of your DNA and activate your christ body the enlightened nature of your being. Participants will be taken in a merkaba through the lands of Glastonbury, the Great Pyramid, Mt Kailash and into the Cosmic Christ realms to receive dispensations, codes, recabilitation, healing and activations throughout the journey during the solar eclipse timing. We will also be joined by Babaji, Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary and other enlightened beings will be overlighting this workshop for this great synthesis, this consciousness expansion to take place.

This workshop is beneficial to all souls who are commited to their ascension path, for some it may assist them to stabilise above the 51% light quotient. For others it will help them to get to the next light quotient threshold. This is a donation based event to enable everyone who feels drawn to receive this and make a heart exchange in accordance to their circumstances. For those who cannot join the workshop live may listen to the recordings after, we would recommend listening to the recordings within the week from the peak of the eclipse as they will be held fully in the eclipse portal.

We send you our deepest love and look forward to being with you on this day.

With love and embracing you in the grace of Christ,

Lord Sanada

Message and workshop facilitated by Yvonne Yjemani Li

Workshop Details

Name: Resurrection of Christ

Date: 21st June 2020

Time: Hong Kong 1230pm – 330pm, Sydney 230pm – 530pm, Los Angeles 930pm - 1230pm T-1

Format: online via Zoom webinar, recordings are also available please PM

Heart Exchange: via donation of any amount from USD1 to USD111 via PayPal to or HSBC Payme HKD to 91304419

Registration: via eventbrite link 

Connection Details: will be sent 2 hours via email before the workshop

Contact: Yvonne at for late recordings

Additional Resource

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Facilitator Bio

Yvonne Yjemani Li is a multi-dimensional being – a guide, catalyst, healer and creationist in the modern-day world. A combination of love and light that opens doors for others so that they may access greater love, consciousness, the gift of flow, and harmonic balance. Yvonne has been co-creating with the enlightened realms, sharing insights on self-mastery, consciousness, and oneness via writings, private sessions, group workshops and channeling universal healing from multi-dimensional realms. She has also collaborated and performed with grammy-award winning musicians and sound healers on sacred sound journeys, as well as consciously channels her unique frequency of divine love, consciousness, and essence into her creative artwork. She is the founder of a movement to remind all beings of Love, and her personal sharings and work is available via