Ignite 2018 with Self-Mastery

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Many revelations about our respected institutions and individual behavior of well known figures came to light last year. Many individuals have also stepped forward publicly, showing strength and solidarity during this incredible year of veil lifting, but the world has only just begun to free itself from the shackles of false beliefs and baises.

"Our planetary collective is moving from a year of "realism" in 2017 to a year of "mastery" in 2018.​"

The year 2018 in numerology comes to 11, and 11 is the number of the master and it comes after 2017 as the year of 1 which represents new beginnings. Numerology affects us at a planetary level and personal level. The master number 11 is a very high vibrational frquency, the year 2018 possess great potential for learning and it will bring about great transformations for the planet. The master number 11 illuminates and inspires idealism, encourages greater creativity and catalyses new visions for the planet, it opens up and enlightens humanity's consciousness.

With all the revolutionary changes and balancing that will take place in the coming year, news will continue to shock while developments such as those in quantum science and others will awe. We have the choice to see ourselves and the planet from a higher level of awareness and consciousness. To realise the significance and not just look at the apearance, to not get caught up in the emotions and judgement while taking action, to not let negativity frame our world and stay in the light will hold you steadfast in face of any further displacements.

On an individual level, 2018 encourages us to step into our feminine empowerment through self-mastery. Feminine empowerment for females and males equally, is about being compassionate and empathetic, acknowledging vulnerability in ourselves and accepting others', following our inner guidance and surrendering to the divine flow of the universe. Mastering ourselves before trying to change the outer world and being the alchemist, is about transforming any limitations into strengths and moving through life in a state of joy. What kind of higher ideals and visions will you hold for the planetary collective in 2018?

January 1st /2nd begins with the largest and most powerful supermoon of the year and the secodn and last supermoon ends on January 31st. The supermoon is a great time for healing past challenges and clearing your energy matrix, the supermoons itself and the period in between is also wonderful for setting new intentions and igniting your potential in the year 2018. As you consider your goals for the year, consider how your self-mastery might go through a process of

contemplating of what it means to you, to being part-time committed to your development, to being committed to self-mastery all the time, to fully embodying and letting go the attachment of active awareness, and finally just being. At what stage are you now and at what level of self-mastery will you strive for in 2018?

As the saying goes, "love heals" and "ONE Love", may you be blessed by the energy of unconditional love and unity consciousness as you transform into the greatest version of yourself in 2018.