The Mind and Heart as One

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The struggle between following the logical mind or following the the intuitive heart is one of the main causes of suffering and dis-ease.

Logic and reason which governs the mind, is the habitual default operating system people rely on. The logical mind has served us in many instances such as driving us to get things done by deadlines and working harder. The downside is that it also operates from a place of scarcity with a view that the world is based on a zero sum game system and tend to look at the appearance rather than the significance of the matter. Humanity's focus on scarcity causes a host of problems from hoarding to the most extreme, fighting over who has the right to access. Over-reliance on just the appearance and observations has cut off our connection to the metaphysical world, the greater consciousness which is abundantly and reveals the intracacies of our connection.

Intuition and resonance which governs the heart, is an innate system that most people tend to shut down early on in their childhood. The intuitive heart can support us with greater clarity from our higher guidance and being productive in developing creative ideas. The flipside of only following the intuitive heart is that the person may be ungrounded and may approach pertinent matters in a impractical manner. Being too ungrounded may result in the individual not being able to function effectively in the world, whilst moving to a cave or a temple is simply not a viable solution for everyone.

The dichotomy with allowing only one and not the other results in internal conflict. One may experience stress from being overly reliant on the logical mind and thus pushing ourselves too far to get things done. There may be stress from not being able to execute or complete projects if one is too reliant on the intuitive heart. There may be stress from the battle of flipping between the two states. In all scenarios, the stress is suffering that we can avoid whilst preventing dis-ease in the long term.

"When the mind and heart are one, there is a beautiful union between the love, wisdom and power of the Soul."

When we allow divine flow and intuitive heart to support us in life, we free ourselves from the daily stresses and internal struggles. Energy that would otherwise be spent worrying and being anxious about our progress could instead be devoted to joyful pursuits and upliftment of the collective spirit.