Lightworkers Invitation - Global Violet Flame Pillar Activations

Global activation during the full moon portals and other planetary portals

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Global Violet Flame Pillar Activation

Lightworkers Invitation to participate during monthly full moon portals

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The Grid of Transformation activation that took place in Hong Kong during the February 2021 full moon portal. This was the first part of the mission, that enabled higher octaves of the Violet Flame to be activated in support of humanity's transformation and liberation of old energies and paradigms, as they move into christ consciousness. For the full sharing, please refer to our sharing here.

There is a second part to the mission now that the Grid of Transformation has anchored, the next part involves sharing amethyst crystals into other parts of the world so that additional Violet Flame Pillars may be activated during the monthly full moon portals and or powerful planetary alignments such as the equinoxes and solstices. The over-lighting masters for this second part of the mission include the Crystal Skulls Council, Inner Earth Beings, St Germaine, Archangels, Dragons, Christ, Sophia, Galactic Federation, enlightened Galactic Beings, and Mother Gaia.

The second part of the mission supports the acceleration of the higher octaves of the violet flame to reach other corners of the world. The Violet Flame Pillars activation will assist your community, your region and the world. The more pillars that activate globally, it creates a strong network for this transformational energy to grow, and enhancing the evolutionary changes for Mother Earth, humanity and all kingdoms of the Earth. More specifically, it will support and accelerate the liberation of vulnerable persons who are enslaved physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as enabling humanity to let go of controlling and enslavement issues, to come into their sovereignty and divinity. All beloveds who take part in the activation will personally be activated by the upgraded violet rays and supported in their transformation and ascension by the Family of Light. The personal transformations that we refer to related to your big initiations, and the transformation begins imminently after you complete the sacred pillar activation work.

If this mission calls to you, we invite you to send an email to with the following information:

1. What is your name?

2. Why you are pulsed to take part in the Violet Flame Pillar global activation?

3. Where are you guided to activate the Violet Flame Pillar, please share a google location map? 

4. Are you willing to follow the instructions to ensure the highest potential outcome for the global activation to take place during the spring equinox portal?

Please note the activation will take an hour at your designated location, this includes the grid construction and following a guided meditation. There are no costs involved for the amethysts or the guided meditation, there will be a nominal fee to cover the international postage costs for the crystals.

Those beloveds living outside of Hong Kong that has a soul contract with the second part of the mission - the Violet Flame Pillar global activation will receive an email within 5 days of your email, with full instructions on how to participate.

We are deeply grateful to all who are interested to participate in this co-creation with Gaia and the Family of Light for the next part of this co-creation.

With a grateful eternal heart,