Violet Flame Alchemy & Transformation Workshop on 27 Mar 21

Receive the higher octaves of the Violet Flame to transform and liberate yourself from old paradigms

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During this powerful workshop, there was a focus by the Masters on letting go of the resistances to change. For the Violet Flame, and in particular the higher octaves of the Violet Flame accelerates the changes / the shifts that will complete old journeys and initiate into the higher octaves of light and love.

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Eternal Love from the Violet Heart,


Online Workshop

Violet Flame Alchemy & Transformation

27th March 2021 | 4pm HK, 7pm Sydney, 8am UK

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Event Description

We invite all beloveds to join us during the Spring equinox and the full moon portal of March, to receive the divine encodements and frequencies of the upgraded Violet Ray for creation of the New Earth. The sacred Violet Ray is an aspect of the Creator, it supports all life to transmute old energies, transforming them through divine alchemy and creation. The use of the Violet Flame helps one to liberate from limiting beliefs, and fears that may create a beloved to be strongly held by their ego and personality. When dense energies are released, one is able to align to their Soul path, to experience the grace of divine guidance and support from their Higher Self, Presence, and their Enlightened Guides aiding their evolution and ascension.

The Violet Ray is the 7th sacred flame, and it holds the qualities of forgiveness, mercy, justice, transmutation, alchemisation, transformation and liberation so that all Souls may experience divine perfection as the co-creator with their God nature. The upgraded Violet Flame as part of the New Earth consciousness and energies, is available to support all beings to experience Christ consciousness through greater alignment to Unconditional Love, and Compassionate Wisdom. The Mahachohan of the Violet Ray is St Germain, and with his beloved twin flame Lady Portia will overlight this mini-workshop together. They will be supported by Christ, the Christ Council of Shamballa, the Arturian Healing teams, and the Crystalline Beings who will be offering divine healing, blessings, dispensations and activations to all participants.

There will be two parts to this mini-workshop. The first part consist of a sacred healing to prepare one energetically, followed by a guided meditation to Shamballa for participants to receive divine blessings of the higher octaves of the Violet Ray. During the workshop, participants will receive channeled messages, sacred sounds, and transmissions of new light codes, sacred geometries, fire letters of creation, divine frequencies, blessings and dispensations for the:

  • Purification of your meridians, circulatory system and nervous system so that energy and electro-magnetic current may flow harmoniously throughout your physical body.
  • Purification of your chakras. Releasing old and dense energies so that your chakras may return to its original divine perfection to support your energetic being.
  • Activation of your sacred heart, as well as opening the pathways of your heart chakra, to your thymus chakra, and higher chakras. This enables you to experience heart-mind connection and resonance to your super consciousness.
  • Creation codes in the form of crystalline packets to upgrade your crystalline matrix, to enhance the crystal plasma throughout your body so you can embody more light.
  • Harmonisation and recalibration of your physical body, emotional body, and mental body, creating balance and sythesis of your energetic systems.
  • Liberate fears and limiting beliefs that create experiences of separation, duality, and disempowerment so that you may become the co-creator with your God nature.
  • Release any unresolved energies by your ancestral families, and your monadic aspects and groups that affects your full transformation and empowerment.
  • Experiene a very high frequency of alchemisation for the big initiations in your life that is holding you back, from being in your full empowerment as you move forward in your ascension.

All that is not of Love, the Divine Truth, or the Divine Will will be shifting as part of your transformation so that you may be the Divine Expression of the Creator. We invite you to join us for this immersive experience that will liberate old patterns and create great transformations in your life.

Blazing Love from the Violet Heart,

St Germain & Lady Portia

Workshop Facilitated and Channeled by Yjemani Kaala Raphael

Event Details 

Topic: Violet Flame Alchemy & Transformation Workshop

Time: March 27, 2021 (Saturday)

Time: Hong Kong 4pm, 7pm Sydney, 10am UK (2.5 hours)

Heart Exchange: USD44

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Connection: global meditation via Zoom, eventbrite will send out zoom links immediately after registration

Recordings: are available if you not able to join live, please indicate via eventbrite or else email for the recordings

Facilitator Bio

Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a modern day catalyst, guide, healer and creationist from Hong Kong.

Yjemani has emerged as the celebration of the formless that is her Divine Presence and the Co-Creator with Source that is present in all forms. A multi-dimensional combination of love, light, power and creation that opens doors for other Beloveds so that they may access greater love, consciousness, divinity, creativity and harmonic flow, Yjemani co-creates with the Family of Light and the enlightened realms in all aspects of her spiritual path and service.

For the last 4 years, Yjemani has been working closely with the enlightened realms, sharing knowledge and co-creating with the higher realms on self-mastery, consciousness, and oneness via writings, teachings, meditations, workshops, and private sessions as well as providing multi-dimensional energy healing and sacred sounds. Yjemani has recently been involved with the Family of Light to activate and ground a Violet Flame Grid of Transformation, refer to the our sharing here.

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