Meditation 10th Nov: Rainbow Serpent Creation Ceremony

Nurturing our feminine and creative energies

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Rainbow Serpent Creation Ceremony

Sunday 10th November 2019, 1030am - 1200pm

@The Garden Gathering, Cheung Chau Sai Yuen Farm

This will be a guided meditation and ceremony to invite the Rainbow Serpent, the Divine Mother of Creation to anchor more deeply in Hong Kong and build stronger Divine Feminine energies that nurtures our creative energies, and ultimately creating balance in ourselves, and our community.

In the guided meditation, we will receive the divine grace of:

  • Divine Mother’s nurturance to support your spiritual growth, as well as supporting that of Hong Kong's spiritual growth;
  • Experience the Divine Feminine vibrational energies of creation;
  • Sacred Ki’s to expand your consciousness, multi-dimensionality and light body;
  • Sacred sounds transmission to release lower density and assist with light integration;
  • Divine messages from enlightened beings and divine emissaries;
  • Nurturance of greater love, peace, creativity and oneness in your being;
  • Heart sharing within a sacred circle.

Yvonne was guided to travel to the sacred portal of Uluru in August 2019, to work with the Rainbow Serpent and Divine Mother energies of creation in support of anchoring these energies more fully in Hong Kong and the region.

We are inviting women who resonate with this sacred ceremony, to honor the Mother of Creation, to honor our abilities as women to give life, and to honor the feminine creation energies. As we honor such energies, we will anchor this Pillar of Creation, and regenerate the primordial energy of Source creation for Hong Kong and, for the Earth.

About the Garden Gathering:

The Garden Gathering is a celebration for women living in harmony with Mother Earth. Immerse in nature over a 3 day wisdom sharing weekend. It is with pure intention that we behold sacred space for the Gathering of Women and our children, nourishing our roots awakening ancient ways of walking in alignment with our Mother Earth. From the beginning of time, women have gathered, danced, sung, and bled passing on their wisdom teachings, ceremonies and medicines for the soul. We come together, each as women of like-mind and heart to listen, learn, lend, and love. We embody conscious community to practice natural ways of living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our planet.

The weekend gathering consists of music, ceremony, craft & creation, embodiment, earthen ways, plant medicine, sacred sound, sensuality, spirituality, womb wisdom, heritage, healing & empowerment, kids village, sustainable market, and the conscious kitchen.

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